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  1. Daystar up - Morticia down

  2. TagsTags give you the option of adding keywords to notes in order to improve searchability. One or more tags can be added to a note. Common uses for tags include associating notes with categories, people, memories or locations. To view all of the tags in your Evernote account, tap the Tags panel on the Home Screen Evernote Business users are provided with separate personal and business tag lists. Tap the appropriate Tags List from the Home Screen you would like to edit or manage. Creating or Adding Tags to a NoteTo add a tag to a note, do the following: Open a new or existing note Tap more... located in the top-left corner of the note editor just beneath the Note title Tap Add Tag and begin typing. Existing tags that begin with the same letter(s) will appear as clickable buttons for you to select from. Type a new tag or tap the tag(s) from the options presented Tap anywhere outside of the list of tags to return to the note editor Tap Done when you have finished adding and editing all your tagshttps://evernote.com/evernote/guide/ios/#5
  3. I've been using Do Button since the release. I love it! IF Do Button log And here my shared note with my most used recipe https://www.evernote.com/shard/s258/sh/70cad89f-0caa-4a73-aeac-07312b43206b/d2f8fb88e75feae0
  4. You can log your cigarettes, your coffee, or whatever you wanna track in your daily life. It's easy. Just hit the button on the screen on your phone. No open apps, no settings every time. You need an IFTTT account, and the app Do Button http://www.evernote.com/l/AQJwytifDKpKc66sBzErQyBr0vj7iOdf6uA/ PS: The screenshots is from my private Do Button 1 flaska mat och dryck (Swedish) = A bottle of food and drink (oral nutritional supplement)
  5. Justin, how does Evernote determine when the user is finished editing? Camera?
  6. Backup time. Need a new external hard drive...

  7. 5:00 monday morning!

  8. I merge daily (or nightly) so Web Beta isn't an alternative for me yet.
  9. Thanks for posting: "On 2 GB RAM it was slow, often with long wait for everything. Now 8 GB no problem" That tends to confirm my intuition about RAM. RAM is particularly important if you don't have SSD, since with low RAM the OS is having to swap out often to a relatively slow spinning hard drive. I was thinking about buying a new computer. But since I need a new phone I tried with upgrading first. Like I always did before And the 4 year old computer is really fast and funny again.
  10. Need my broadband - one sync in 5 h isn't okay!

  11. Win 7 Pro, no SSD, Evernote in autostart, 2000+ tags, 150+ notebooks, 13500+ notes. On 2 GB RAM it was slow, often with long wait for everything. Now 8 GB no problem. Faster than the web-version.
  12. Why make something simple when you can complicate things? ;-)

  13. PS I don't have a clue about sewing and patterns. But I hope you will understand my example...
  14. You can use Evernote. Create three or more notebooks For example: Patterns.Like = Patterns you like or often use Patterns.dislike = Patterns you dislike of anything else Patterns.want = Patterns you want to buy or find Every new pattern is a new note. Name so you can found them easy. Many method. I prefer YYYY-MM-dd so the can be sort by name easy Tags for example YYYY-MM-DD ex 2015-07 makes it easy to to sort and to find Fabric - Cutton - Bamboo - Etc Size -Small -Baby -Etc Like Dislike Author of the pattern -name?
  15. On this thread you can read about the app Tapmynote https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/85486-tauchanote-cant-be-found/?fromsearch=1 and here's a link to download it (don't care about the laptops-things) http://laptopapk.com/tapmynote-apk_1
  16. Saturday 11 July. Remember Srebrenica!

  17. In my computer this window with the message about read-only appears on the screen when I first started the computer. I have Evernote and some other programs I always use in autostart. But when everything is started it's gone. I have to restart three times to get a screenshot. And it's lying, no readonly. I can do everything I will do with my notes and notebooks. It's irritating but since it doesn't effects the usage Evernote I'm hoping it will be gone with next update. I have 5.8.13
  18. Sounds like a bug. Copied JMichael's post
  19. Okay. In my Android this appears from Firefox. When I clip or save to pdf. Hasn't happened for a while. Have you the latest version in your Androids?
  20. Hi Do the text have one word squeezed in every row or all word on one row?
  21. Every company can change the features and payment plan, no need to have a long disclaimer for every change that might be later.
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