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  1. Hjärnan gäspar

  2. Collecting screenshots of IF Do Button

  3. In the settings in the phone or tablet can change the size. In all you apps.
  4. I can recommend you try http://Kustomnote.com if you want to know more than time and date. If you only need to know when Do Button from Http://www.Ifttt.com will be perfect. I use both to log when and what.
  5. June... tagging all notes from May 2015-05

  6. My curiosity force me to check I've had problem with www.di.se myself So today I use Pocket when EWC wont work or crashes Windows - Firefox - EverWebClipper = empty note. Could works as bookmarks?! Tablet with Android - Firefox - EverWebClipper = I looks fine the first 5 minuets... Clipping... But no note Tablet with Android - Firefox - EverClip = A nice clip! Simplified without pictures and adds
  7. Night mood substitute I use the app Trigger (Android) in my phone and tablet and change the screen light twice a day. The is a lot of apps doing the same (search in Google Play or App Store)
  8. I use KustomNote daily. I've created own templates But there is a lot of Public Templates
  9. Inbox by Gmail is now open to everyone. No invite required.
  10. And here is the offline notebook -1 to 584 offline notebook
  11. This is way I not test betas so much anymore. Maybe 8 apps on my androids at this time. A couple of year ago my computer was a beta
  12. 3:00 in the early morning, sun is knocking in the horizon

  13. midnight... bu

  14. The sun light has move and moon arrivde, time for life

  15. The sun is up, morning... time for bed

  16. It's no different the show with or without local notebooks. So the answer ScottLougheed gave should work. I don't use Mac
  17. You can have local notebook as a Basic user. In Plus and Premium it's possible to have offline notebooks
  18. Before I merge notes I copy them to a notebook called Sammanslagna (Swedish for mergede) If I'm happy with result they are deleted.
  19. 584 offline notebook... yeah

  20. Updating to 5.8.8 something

  21. -1 in offline notebook...

  22. From my mail to support: I tried creating a new inbox, move the notes and delete the old in January. I worked for a couple of days But since then all versions been updated, more then once. Done it again tonight. And the old was it contains -13 when it's empty. And now it's gone. Hope for very long time. I hope this will last very long...
  23. 5:07 in the morning and I really need sleep

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