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  1. Did check my settings for Windows backup and since I have a personality folder for Evernote, Dropbox, Bix, Google Drive they wasn't included in the settings. No matter for me, I didn't use Windows Backup, have another backup system. But now I do Windows Backup to just once a week, between my manual copy database and folder to external hard drive and export ENXE... (I need a big external Hard drive, minimum 4TB)!
  2. I tested for a weekend and get right back to the old one. No merging was one of the reasons. I've merged over 2500 notes since March this year. So the beta version isn't for my way of using Evernote
  3. A week without the pop-up. Didn't have to update...
  4. I join those groups but I don't have found any password.
  5. Wow. Now is all three Androids updated. Like the green offline switch, hard to miss and the symbol for offline when showing the notebook. And to finally see how much space on the phone or tablet the offline notebook take. And the share-symbol is very good in the notebook-show list I would like to disable market. Since I cannot by Evernote Post-It (no delivery to Sweden)! Just like a protest...
  6. Still have the same problem with the internet connection, don't find the DNSserver

  7. If someone not what to have any notebooks offline in their phones, tablets an easy way to delete all the data in to just log out from Evernote and log in again. (I have to to that to fix a problem in both phone and tablet, but it was not fun, took me ages to download and syncing all.)
  8. Forum Code of Conduct http://discussion.evernote.com/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules
  9. Now should my broadband works fine.

  10. It's a bug. More info https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/86186-turn-off-the-nag/page-4
  11. I use an app called Copy to Evernote (Android) and almost (don't know if it's size or something but some copies don't arrive to Evernote) I copy generate a new note. And multiple to... A bug. But after removing all the extras I can see what I will keep and move to another notebook and tag. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=prolap.copytoevernote
  12. Hope my broadband will be fixed quick and easy when the technician arrive 9:30am (in 5 hour) s

  13. It's a bug. More info https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/86186-turn-off-the-nag/page-4
  14. I don't think I it's a good time idea and have your email in a post.
  15. I have a little sketch of my organization since last spring. http://www.evernote.com/l/AQKby0S0CbNIQ4aqqqRKw4cPcF_vDEUPt14/
  16. Sounds good to me. Why not tweet the URL and the question, and let us know the answer. Can I persuade you to be my Special Assistant for Twitter? The pay is awesome! After more than six years and 61100 tweet I know some trick.I have used Twitter to contact my bank, my phone company, my landlord, my Internet service providers, app makers as transpose, and some more.
  17. Done! https://mobile.twitter.com/MorticiaB/status/621142249343176704?s=09
  18. If it's okay I can tweet the url to this thread to @evernotehelps
  19. Hi! Evernote have some guides for users. Evernote support Getting started with Evernote (Mac, Android, Windows desktop, Windows Phone, Windows 8(touch), iPhone/iPad/iPod)
  20. If you haven't export with tags there are no tags in the enex. When you export with tags you can choose not to import the tags
  21. I use a resize app (Search on Google Play) in my Android and shrink the pictures before I put into a note
  22. Is this to old? [ios] How to create a new tag in Evernote on iPad? - iOS Help ...
  23. I don't use iPad/Phone. But I'm aware of the differents between the os
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