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  1. You can use Evernote. Create three or more notebooks For example: Patterns.Like = Patterns you like or often use Patterns.dislike = Patterns you dislike of anything else Patterns.want = Patterns you want to buy or find Every new pattern is a new note. Name so you can found them easy. Many method. I prefer YYYY-MM-dd so the can be sort by name easy Tags for example YYYY-MM-DD ex 2015-07 makes it easy to to sort and to find Fabric - Cutton - Bamboo - Etc Size -Small -Baby -Etc Like Dislike Author of the pattern -name?
  2. On this thread you can read about the app Tapmynote https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/85486-tauchanote-cant-be-found/?fromsearch=1 and here's a link to download it (don't care about the laptops-things) http://laptopapk.com/tapmynote-apk_1
  3. In my computer this window with the message about read-only appears on the screen when I first started the computer. I have Evernote and some other programs I always use in autostart. But when everything is started it's gone. I have to restart three times to get a screenshot. And it's lying, no readonly. I can do everything I will do with my notes and notebooks. It's irritating but since it doesn't effects the usage Evernote I'm hoping it will be gone with next update. I have 5.8.13
  4. Sounds like a bug. Copied JMichael's post
  5. Okay. In my Android this appears from Firefox. When I clip or save to pdf. Hasn't happened for a while. Have you the latest version in your Androids?
  6. Hi Do the text have one word squeezed in every row or all word on one row?
  7. Every company can change the features and payment plan, no need to have a long disclaimer for every change that might be later.
  8. I've saved the log. And are going to report later this day (time to sleep 06:38AM).
  9. I was moving some pictures and after syncing I discovered Two notes in no notebook. http://www.evernote.com/l/AQIj5TzlAuFNU71sRuGCo5-PJD5njV2yF2E/
  10. Using the standard shortcuts for menu activation to Create Note Link: ALT-n l (lower case L) I don't use AHK, but I would expect it could simulate those keys If not AKH, then maybe PhaseExpress. Tested and it's works in the Swedish version. First I tested Alt + a + k Note = anteckning in the menu Kopiera anteckningsböcker = copy note link But then Evernote log out and log in my other account...
  11. If you mean stacks when you type folders it's no sharing. With och without workchat. Only notebooks and notes are sharable.
  12. On my old tablet Samsung galaxy tab 2 7" with a Basic Evernote Account Evernote takes 55-60 MB. Same version. But one big different - no offline notebook
  13. Many offline notebook gives big Evernote on the phone/tablets. 2.99 GB on my phone and 3.4 GB on my tablet.
  14. Okey, I haven't try I use the context menu. Sometimes from right mouse click or context-menu button on the keyboard.
  15. Windows Alt + shift + D date and time
  16. And there's non yet. You can use keyboard macro tools. J Micheal list some https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/86345-mass-e-mailing-into-evernote-how-do-you-do-it/?p=368112&forcePrint=1
  17. Great! I'm going to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 128 GB this autumn. So I'm happy it wasn't a "S6 won't ever send mail to Evernote issue"
  18. screenshot http://www.evernote.com/l/AQL7gHijoQBNYrMScg_geqc8UeOS0dWpGJ0/
  19. I tag my checklist with "!Todo" and have that tag as a shortcut
  20. Can you forward to other addresses? Have you tried to generate a new Evernote mail? https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action
  21. Yes! Evernotes users is the bad side of internet. This is a forum mostly for users So yes, I'm guilty. And what's happens now?
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