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  1. You're very welcome. For all of us using more than one language using an editor environment without the assistance of a spelling checker, can get quite difficult. I'm glad this patch is easy and it works just as good. I'm also glad that a lot of people have put in many hours to build a free open source Hellenic (Greek) spelling dictionary. Take care
  2. Thanks guys, that did the trick. I had to sync my smartphone and my tablet in order to get the windows version to work.
  3. I found the solution here: http://randomthoughtsgr.wordpress.com/2012/02/22/spell-check-in-evernote/ I tried it and it works. Thank you
  4. Thank you kindly for your reply. I guess their marketing plans are quite different than the needs of their customers or perhaps they have a shortage of finances, developers and other necessary resources. Oh well, it's sad when one sees only a tree when there's a whole forest ahead. Take care and thanks again.
  5. Hello everyone, I've read some posts dating back to 2011 by Evernote customers requiring a foreign language spelling dictionary capability. I don't know Evernotes' foreign market share, but I have a feeling it's quite a large number. What would it take to write a simple note in Greek for example and have a spelling checker do its magic? Anyone from Evernote care to reply? Is this something extremely difficult to integrate into your existing product? Have you any immediate plans? Thank you A loyal Evernote customer
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