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  1. As I have reported several times here, it has worked for me for several weeks. Happy days are here again!
  2. I misspoke. The clipper on my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile worked for first time in weeks. I access it through share function. On EN it first shows up as clipping then moments later, ta-dum! there is the article. Have you tried it yet?
  3. Did EN fix web clipper? Today I clipped several articles figuring I would be frustrated once again. BUT surprise, surprise, they all worked! Granted, one didn't include the pictures, but still...
  4. Dave, I'm with you. Why engender all this anger and frustration when a simple explanation will allay the hostility? EN executives should appreciate how much we love their product. If we didn't, we would have abandoned it long ago. We really want you to fix this and to listen to us and to respond to us on a timely fashion.
  5. Steve Dotto, DottoTech, said today, February 17, that Evernote no longer supports web clipper on mobile phones.
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