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  1. I've used any.do as a standalone app to remind me when my To Dos are due. What I like about it is the 'nagging' feature. It works like this. Say I have a meeting with Karen and at the end I say OK I'll call you 09:00 Monday. So I set a reminder for Monday at 9 o'clock. Monday 9 o'clock comes round and up pops a reminder to call Karen but... I'm already in a meeting with Bob and can't call Karen so I press "Remind me in" 1 hour, three hours, tomorrow or whatever it is. The point is that any.do will keep on nagging me until I call Karen and then dismiss the reminder. I like/need that kind of functionality. Does anyone know of a reminder app that has 'nagging' functionality and integrates with EN?
  2. I've read through a lot of the posts in the Productivity category, so the first thing I want to say is that I'm a relative EN newbie and by no means a 'power user'. So with that out of the way let me explain what I'm trying to do and ask for some guidance from this forum on how to do it in EN. I work on projects and take notes of weekly project meetings in EN and I've been doing that on one note per meeting/project combination. As well as making notes on progress we (by we I mean I) also assign actions to people; you know the kind of thing - description of what's to be done, name of person to do it, and the due date. At the next meeting we review the actions that have been completed and those that are still outstanding and we add new Actions. The thing is that all the Actions, outstanding or otherwise, are in the EN note from the last meeting so I've been looking for a way of linking back to last week's actions from this week's EN note. I've tried embedding a link to another document (spreadsheet) of Actions, but that link is still in last week's note and as far as I can tell can be linked only to that note. It occurred to me that I might be going about this the wrong way, so how do you solve this problem?
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