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  1. I mostly think that telling people who are using a tool correctly that they just don't get the philosophy of the tool is kind of a deterrent from getting more people to use that tool.
  2. I totally understand what folks are saying, but it doesn't seem like Evernote is "sticking to its guns" so much as just hasn't updated the editor yet. I also think that some of the Evernote evangelists on this thread are doing an awful job because it totally *is* one of Evernote's stated utilities to be used for writing notes. Straight from the Evernote.com homepage: WRITEFrom short lists to lengthy research, no matter what form your writing takes, Evernote keeps you focused on moving those ideas from inspiration to completion.
  3. Then you may well have the wrong software. Evernote has never really been a good option for that. You can do it but it's not really what Evernote appears to be trying to be. As Gazumped noted above, they focus has been primarily on collection, storage and retrieval. There are lots of apps that will sync notes to Evernote. Depending on what platforms you use, one of them may well be a better choice. I'm hooked on my LiveScribe pen right now. I take the notes on paper and they get synced to Evernote (as handwritten notes). I can convert them to text if I need to. Best of both worlds for me. Honestly, if I can do such sophisticated things as "collection, storage and retrieval", what's the point of preventing me from taking simple notes in the same folders? That's cruel, isn't it? Well, Evernote doesn't have folders. Not sure what your point is here. You can take "simple notes". And they can be in the same notebook. That is an incredibly semantic response. The notebooks are ostensibly folders. Folders are used to organize different kinds of information and so are the notebooks. Further, if we want to have wonderfully semantic arguments, if they call them notebooks, then the word processor should be able to take notes. Asking for a simple upgrade to the outlining capabilities of the editor is not remotely changing the functionality of the client, nor is it a slap in the face to the core credo of the application. It is merely improving very minimally one of the application's utilities. It isn't asking for a feature rich mindmapping processor. It is merely asking for the ability to properly outline text used in notes which is TOTALLY one of the expected utilities of a note taking application. Every single "power user" who has responded to this thread (I've been watching it for over a year) has responded with weird semantic, slippery slope arguments and a strange clinging to the traditional when the actual request is really simple and is not diametrically opposed to the goals of the application. Reading this thread is really friggen surreal, you guys.
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