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  1. I've seen that; however I have quite a lot of content that is in local notebooks, which is why I'm not going down the rely-on-EN-sync route. I guess my concern is how much hassle is going to be involved - am I going to lose notebook structure etc? - and I'm looking for reassurance that I've got the right files, given that they're not where I'd expected to find them.

  2. 1. Have I found the right files? On a Mac. In: Macintosh HD > Users > My Mac Username > Library > Containers > com.evernote Evernote > Data > Library > Application Support > Evernote > accounts > Evernote > *here there are two sets of data matching the Evernote usernames for two accounts*


    2. If i copy those to somewhere else (e.g. dropbox), will I be able to drop them back into a new installation of Evernote on the same machine, or is it more complicated than that? Will this maintain my notebook structure, preferences, etc?


    3. I'm guessing from what I've read and where I've found those files that my installation is from the App Store rather than the Evernote website - have I got that right?


    4. If (3) is correct, can I install the website version over the old one, or do I have to delete the old one (and do I have to clean anything else up?) and install the new one?



    I know I can export all files, I know that will lose my notebook structure, which is fairly complex, so I'd rather not have to recreate it.

    I do have Time Machine backups anyway, but suspect that doesn't help if I'm installing a new/different version?




    Edit to add: I found this: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/40541-where-is-the-local-copy-of-my-evernote-notes-on-my-computer/ - which suggests that the file directory structure above is what you'd expect to find on an iMac Fusion drive - not even sure what that is, but I've a Macbook Air with a SSD so unclear whether that applies.

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