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  1. I too discovered that the main difference is tagging vs notebooks. I spent the $10 but soon found that I was unhappy with the notion many notebooks and the idea of copying tasks and moving them around. I prefer TSW's approach and reasons why tagging is superior and more efficient, allowing each note to have a unique and specific context. That and you only move a note once, which is to the 'Cabinet' or too a Completed notebook from the Action Pending notebook. The power of viewing your information based on the context you provide through filtering. TSW soon may bring a 'project' method forward which I would appreciate. I picked up Brett Kelley's PDF Evernote Essentials and Michael Hyatt's free Toolbox PDF. They provided much insight and many additional options, tools that are available, however, both do not use Evernote for Task Managing or Project Managing. This may be because they have larger teams. Perhaps the reason for Evernote's Business version. Michael Hyatt also promotes the use of Tagging for reasons mentioned earlier. However as I get further into Dave Allen's GTD I am thinking that perhaps if I truly walk GTD, I can actually use Evernote to manage projects and tasks by fully embracing the principles of GTD and truly keep things as simple as possible instead of busying myself with more applications to learn and increased complexity. I want to keep in check the tendency to complexity and the draw to the stimulation of stress which gives the sense of accomplishing much but in the end really just adds drama where it perhaps doesn't need to be. How about quietly getting things done and saving our passion for the celebration afterward and with our family, friends. After all the subtitle of Getting Things Done is "The Art of Stress-Free Productivity". Stress-Free to me means that you're mind is freed up to be in a more creative and productive state and therefore raises the quality of what you actually get done. I may be thrilled with what I have accomplished but unless the client or partners feel the same, then I haven't really got the job done right? I use Photoshop for images. Just Photoshop. In fact I use many Adobe Applications, but they usually just do one thing really, really well. So I'll end in asking, can we use Evernote alone to manage all our tasks and projects?
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