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  1. I've just started using Evernote as a recipe book as well. I already had one online with a Dutch service, but it required typing out recipes I found elsewhere on the web or in cookbooks, and I was just tired of doing that. My collection of magazines and ripped-out recipes is slowly shrinking as I find the recipes online and clip them. I don't mind the recipes looking different, as long as there is not too much ***** surrounding it (EN Clearly sometimes takes away valuable information, so I have to clip the entire article). I have 121 recipes in my cookbook-notebook now (which is nothing compared to others, but hey, I'm just starting ). My tags include course (main, dessert etc), way of cooking (oven etc.), type of meal (salad or soup for example, but also vegetarian, pasta or rice). I'm also adding a quick or slow tag. Other than pasta and rice, I do not tag main ingredients because they are in the ingredient list already, so I can quite easily find them. Perhaps I'll regret that later, when I have more recipes, but I can always go back and change my tagging (I'm ignoring the fact that it would take a lot of time). Oh, and I might split my cookbook in two for recipes to try and recipes we already love. Or I might start using tags for that as well. I am planning to make weekly meal plans using note links. I have a separate grocery list in EN that I keep updating, so I can have the mealplan on the computer and the grocery list on my phone and easily add stuff. Or just copy-paste.
  2. I have used Noom for quite some time to track my workouts, daily steps and food intake. Since I don't use the last anymore and that was basically the focus of the app, I've tossed it and now only use the Noom pedometer. I'm still working on what app I'd like for my workouts. I now have Evie, a Dutch app that allows me to track what I've done and that gives me feedback about my performance every 5 minutes, which is a feature I really like. It is limited to running, though, so I might start using Endomondo somewhere soon. It also has an audio coach and offers many more sports to choose from. With the online environment, it ought to be possible to send info to Evernote, either directly or through Gmail. My husband will be getting a Garmin watch with HRM that I might use as well, so that opens up other possibilities. Currently, I basically just make a workout log in Evernote every time I've done something. I will look into pedometers that can send info to Evernote, though, because that's information I'd like to have as well. I'm kind of new, rediscovered Evernote just a month ago, so I am figuring out what exactly I want to do with it and how.
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