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  1. @adorno's gray I have experienced this too. I'm hoping that @nicolml is aware of this as well.
  2. Was experiencing some sync issues. Saw the release notes above. Will download 6.12.3 and see if issues have be remedied. Thanks again @DTLow
  3. Curious about new syncing behavior that I've noticed. I set EN to sync every 15 min, but I notice that "blue wheel of sync" (upper L corner) is spinning almost constantly. It starts rolling every time I change/alter something. I can type a sentence or paste an image and EN ?syncs. I'm using EN 6.12.2 (direct) on OS X Sierra. Is this normal app behavior?
  4. Yeah. I'm through too. I really hate that they develop a feature for their application that they simply aren't willing to support. @Jesse1 the problem is that I haven't found anything that fits my workflow like EN does. I just can't stand lazy developers. Our problem is clearly not isolated; they're just choosing to ignore it. @Sydryx how's OneNote? I'm downloading it now.
  5. I'm really bummed to see that EN hasn't addressed this annotation issue in their latest release (6.5). Annotation STILL crashes with adding text. They can adjust keyboard commands and add additional features, but can't fix the features they already have. I don't understand.
  6. I'm willing to abandon EN altogether if I can find a program with similar annotate features. Any ideas?
  7. Has anyone found a fix for this yet? I'm experiencing it more often now. It's very troubling that I have to restart Evernote every couple of minutes.
  8. Yeah. Same here. I've also noticed that sometimes a restart will not resolve the issue; that is, clicking--with the text tool--anywhere on the PDF (after a restart) will still cause annotation to freeze. Well, unless you highlight a couple of things first. It's all rather buggy.
  9. I'm just curious. What were you doing to precipitate the freeze in annotation? Seems a bit random when it happens to me. Is there something that I can avoid doing until developers come up with a fix/solution? Thanks
  10. This is actually still a problem in EN 6.4. I too am experiencing annotation "freezing" every couple of minutes. It's very annoying especially while in class and attempting to jot down notes. I'm also using El Capitan and have attempted to report the problem to EN support (a couple of times), but they say they can't replicate it. I went as far as to record my screen and showing them that it does indeed occur. I guess all there is to do is shrug and suffer until EN tries harder to fix it?!
  11. Has anyone figured out how to do this yet? I've been looking for a solution for some time now.
  12. @John Christopher Jones You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar! I left a comment on your blog, but wanted to thank you here as well. The script is perfect. I wish I had it a week ago when I was combining my school notes manually. This really should be an EN feature.
  13. I sometimes slap together my own packets of notes from individual PDF documents using the 'merge' feature. Each PDF file in that packet has to be annotated individually. It's kind of annoying—esp. when the individual PDF docs within that merged note follow a logical order. It'd be nice to be able to build, within EN, a single PDF document from individual docs.
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