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  1. Thanks gazumped! I had noticed staff responding to threads previously. I've even had them respond to mine in the past. Guess I'll have to open a support request or file a bug report, as you suggest.
  2. Still a problem, at v6.0.7 now. Glad to see this forum monitored by Evernote support.
  3. Hello Evernote support? This problem still existing, and I'm now on the latest production release, v6.0.6. This can be very frustrating when you're trying to find something during a rushed moment.
  4. I believe this may have started after the v6 update. If you search for something in the desktop client for Mac, and then click on one of the found note results beyond the first item in the list - the selection will jump back to the first item in the list. The is somewhat similar to a problem with an earlier beta, where a sync would cause a similar jump from the active note. Thanks for any suggestions!
  5. I'm using v6.01, and just wanted to add to the chorus of comments about the color/contrast. Ugh! Way too bright for my aging eyes. Yosemite introduced dark mode; why not adopt that, like you adopted the flat look? Everything looks so blended together, and with the light gray text in some areas, against the light background, I just can't read my stuff as well as I used to.
  6. As several others have pointed out, the latest beta (5.6.2 - 450889 Direct), when attempting to write in a note, at some point, usually when it's most frustrating, the app appears to go through a sync, and I loose focus on where I was. Looking forward to a fix! joe
  7. It seems it was the beta 8 for v5.6.0 that fixed the link pasting. They still show up blue (for me), but they link with URL prefixes of evernote:// Whew! At least it's back. Thanks for your assistance, Scott! Now, see if you can get them to direct all my links within Evernote.
  8. I've recorded a screencast depicting the steps you requested I take. I recorded it so you can see how I'm doing this (you suggested a possible workflow thing). You can find the recording here. Raw pasting works as you would expect (Evernote link). However posting within the URL box does not.
  9. I misunderstood what this statement meant: I took that to mean, that if I swapped out my version, that Evernote would go back to the way it used to work - links open within Evernote. Since all my Note links are always created within an Evernote app (desktop or mobile), I presumed that a newer version would resolve this bug. That being said, not only did it not fix the existing links (which I understand may not be fixable), pasting new Note links still cause the browser to pop. When I copy a Note link, I have the following prefix on the URL: https://www.evernote.com/shard/... The only way I get a URL prefix of - evernote:///view/ - is to 'Copy Classic Note Link'. I get the benefit for 'out in the wild' links. However, it should favor app users, not users 'in the wild'. All my links should open within the app, in my opinion. If that annoys others, as this does me, then it should be set as an option in preferences. I can't even imagine needing to be able to paste a link with https://. If I needed to share the link to someone without Evernote or 'in the wild', I would use 'Copy Share URL'. As it works now, I might as well just use the web version.
  10. Ok, so I've gutted my laptop of Evernote, from the App Store, and reinstalled the version from Evernote. Same exact results with Note links. It pops a browser window, then pops a new Evernote window. The only difference I've noticed so far, is when I copy a classic link, the link in Evernote is now blue, instead of green. This appears to be the way Evernote formats links as they are created. I have an earlier test, where I copied a classic link to test, and that link is still green.
  11. So, I should stop using Apple's App Store to update Evernote, and switch to the version from the Evernote site? The version I have running is 5.5.1 build 402628. The build from Evernote's site appears to be 402634. There doesn't appear to be a lot of distance between build numbers there. I just want to be sure before I go through the trouble of uninstalling, and giving up the App Store updates, that this is what you're suggesting I do to resolve this link problem. FWIW - as long as I logon to the Evernote site, after popping my browser window with the note, the Evernote app recently started popping the same note in a new window. It's still undesirable in how it works, but I thought I'd mention there is some local activity of late, just after hitting the web site first.
  12. Thanks Wordsgood and ScottLougheed for the responses. To clarify my scenario a bit ... A few months back, I noticed that when I copy a Note link from within Evernote, and then highlight some text in another Note, and paste the link I just copied as a link for the text selected, it now comes up as HTTPS, instead of EVERNOTE. This did not appear to impact any previous Notes, where I had performed the very same steps to create those links. However, since I was slacking in investigating the cause behind the change in how Note links are handled, several months have passed by, where I've created a lot of Note links which all have the HTTPS protocol instead of EVERNOTE. My thinking, up until learning of how Evernote changed how Note links are created, was that I tripped over a setting somewhere, and I would flip it back, and get it all working. Earlier this week was when I finally decided to resolve it, because it was getting quite annoying, when I have to hop around between linked Notes. When I came to the Evernote forums, I found out that linking was changed in the backend, and not thru accidental settings I changed. I also found the information about the classic version of embedding links. Then, I posted my message, in frustration, because a feature that I really depend upon in my notes was just confirmed to permanently suck for those Notes I created over the last several months. Also, due to the change, for future Notes, I would have to remember an extra keystroke just to create Note links the way they really should work by default - by staying within the Evernote application. I get the reasons why it would have changed, I just think it degraded my experience using the product.
  13. I use Evernote mostly on my Mac laptop, but also use the iOS versions when I'm in meetings.
  14. This has been driving me crazy for months. I thought I changed a setting somewhere. It was already a bit cumbersome to create note links, and now with this extra keystroke, it's even more so. Now, I have months worth of notes with links that keep popping a browser (while using my desktop client), and often require me to authenticate, since I don't use the web browser version much. Is there any way to correct existing notes programmatically? This is a major headache, and I can't believe that Evernote made this change, ruining my app-based experience.
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