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  1. Looks like they fixed it after 6months
  2. Reverting to an earlier version doesn't help, option to crop still missing. Ever note should listen to its customer more. How do they expect free customers to become paying members if current paid members gets screwed too?
  3. Jesus, this is evernote forum, not to catch a cheating spouse https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager
  4. A few months ago, you could long press an image to crop, after cropping there will be popup that will ask whether you want to replace with new image. Just 3 steps: 1) Long press, 2) crop, 3) click yes to replace Now its 9 ***** steps 1) Press to view, 2) menu button, 3) edit, 4) after cropping click back button to go back to evernote, 5) Long press image 6) delete 7) Add attachment button 8) Click photo option 9) Select the new image to add Can you add back the old function?
  5. Thanks JMichael! Box sync works like Dropbox, but with more features like preview (on computer and mobile) and auto upload iif you edit on mobile, plus it had many promotions where it gives free users 50gb. I guess I'll stick with box sync then, since evernote still has sync issues for having many large notebooks
  6. So evernote premium has like 4gb upload limit. Previously on free, i just sync text i type out, so I dont hit the limited quota at all. I have a few questions: 1) Now that I got premium, is it worth uploading pdf/doc/ppt to evernote for the purpose of archiving (no frequent access)? Currently I keep my documents in Box Sync. Since Evernote has "unlimited storage", perhaps I should take advantage of it. 2) If I access evernote on phone (but do not open those pdfs), will it auto download everything and eat up local storage? I think that is the case for PCs, not too sure for phone. Thanks in advanced!
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