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  1. Hello @RobinP, I'd like to help you with this. If you could, please answer the following questions: What keyboard is being used? What is the version of Android is running on your Tegranote? Have you recently updated the Evernote application? Thanks!
  2. Hello all, Sorry for the late response in this matter, but the team currently has this issue corrected. You will be seeing this addressed in the next update available through the Google Play Store (Version 7.12).
  3. Hello @SharonaDuchne, @DTLow is right is on the right track with how to clip from Facebook. You will want to use the Article option to clip a page, or the screenshot function depending on the content you are wanting to save.
  4. Hello @xorebyget, That seems to be a good idea, but would recommend staying away from resetting the phone right off the bat. Instead, @Valy_ should try to reach out to the developer of QuickMemo (since this isn't made by us, and is likely from LG) for additional troubleshooting. It could be something on the application level, or it could be at the OS level on the G4 if the application came preinstalled.
  5. Hello all, We encountered this issue this past weekend, but is solved by reinstalling the Evernote application on your Android device.
  6. Hello @Helz, Thank you for reaching out on the forums. We ran across this issue this past weekend. Reinstalling the Evernote application for Android will work to correct this.
  7. Hello @Pamlayss, Thank you for posting. Like @gazumped stated, it does seem like an issue coming from the S Notes application. By going to the three dots in the top right corner in S Notes and selecting Settings, you should see the option for Accounts > Sync with Evernote.
  8. Hello @santafesteve, Appreciate your feedback on this, but using the new sharing option in Evernote for Android, it makes sharing to other applications easier, including Cloud Print or a printing application on your Android device.
  9. Hello @prismfire I haven't seen this happen in a long while. At this time, please message me directly so that we can get a log file to see what could be causing this. To do this, hover over my name above my picture and select Message.
  10. Hello @Drew Northup, Thank you for posting. When using the sharing option on Android, you are given the options similar to other applications, to where you select what application you want to share your note or notebook to. For further details on this, please see our support article on sharing in Android. Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.
  11. Hello @KatherineMimsl, Thank you for posting and welcome to the forums. I would like to help you further with this. To clarify, do your notes that are on your desktop appear on the Evernote website? Along with this, are all of your notebooks the same across your devices? Thanks!
  12. Hello @Sonya Funk, In order to see your previous notes, you will want to log out of the Evernote account in the application on your phone. To do this, please do the following: - Open the Evernote application for Android. - Select the three lines in the top left corner of the Evernote application. - Tap on your name/email address at the top and then choose "Sign Out" at the bottom of the page. - Once signed out, please log into your previous account and allow the Evernote application to sync. Hope this helps.
  13. Hello @7rrivera7, @gazumped is right about the note history feature. If it doesn't work, please let me know.
  14. Hello @johnvn, Thank you for posting, and I would like to help with this. I will PM you directly with further instructions so that we can work to recover the content.
  15. @ninjagecko, Thank you for posting. This is something we are currently looking into. Please feel free to submit a support request and we will be able to help. Thanks!
  16. Hello @Roi, Please feel free to PM me directly and we can have this looked at from our support team. Thanks!
  17. @Maxwenta and @SpecEd, We are currently working on the note editor found inside of Evernote For Android and across the other Evernote applications. I encourage you to enroll in the Evernote Beta program, to see if you still encounter this after updating your Evernote application.
  18. Hey @Ajedi32, Thank you for posting. This is addressed in the new Evernote Beta for Android, which is now released. If you prefer, you can also wait for the upcoming public release of the update within the coming weeks.
  19. @gazumped is very much correct in this. You will be Work Chatting in no time though!
  20. Hello @Vince_, Thank you for posting, and welcome to the forums. In Evernote for Android, the note titles are by default titled "Untitled Note" until you are to title it. This is something that was changed several updates back with the inclusion of the new note editor. Having the note auto-title to the first line again would be a great idea, or at least having it as an option.
  21. Hello @Dave.Robinson16@Gmail.com, We are currently in the process of correcting this, and will likely be fixed within the next few updates. The development team is continuing to expand and correct issues found within the note editor. I will keep you posted when this fix will be completed.
  22. Hi @Jor-- and @findwaldo, I have gone ahead and sent you both emails to request an activity log on behalf of our support team. The logs will help us to see what could be causing this excessive drain. Please be sure to let me know if you have any questions.
  23. Hello @KIOSHI, Thank you for posting. Please PM me and I would be happy to assist.
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