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  1. Thank you, I did uninstall first. Then downloaded and installed the fully released version. In fact, it would never occur to me to install "over" another app. That is usually not recommended for most Apps. But the one example you gave is exactly what happens to me. Everyday (usually when I'm doing the Alt-n-l) the App just disappears. Then icon for Evernote is still in my Taskbar Tray, so I double-click and I can get back in. But it usually also pops-up a "crash" windows where Evernote offers to send in a crash report where you can enter your email (optional)) before sending the report (typical crash report pop-up you get when Evernote crashes).
  2. I uninstalled that prerelease and reinstalled Crashing behavior is identical. I'm a premium member, and thus email support time I guess (Idon't expect much, was hoping others were having similar issue). I have noticed it happens most when I'm using shortcut key combo: Alt-n-l (to copy a Notes Internal Link) That copies the note's link so I can paste it as a link on another page (Ctl-K). Basically, it's much easier to navigate between my notes if I use links to get between them. If you use Evernote daily to track projects, you end up with 100's even 1000's of notes. So nothing beats those quick note shortcuts (highlight a word and Ctl-K, then paste link). Here's a typical starting point ) as an example).
  3. Just making sure Evernote ( desktop App on Windows 10 crashes each day I use it. I use lots of keyboard shortcuts especially when saving the internal link for each App. In order to quikly navigate between notes, I'm always Alt-N-L to get link and Ctl-K to add that link to a specific word on another page. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the crashing, but it does seem to crash often when I'm first setting up links between pages (lots of Alt-N-L and Ctl-K usage). I do send the crash reports each time it happens, Evernote server somewhere must have dozens of these from me alone. ;-)
  4. I've made a generic example, all of my real notes have company proprietary stuff on them. But this is a bit different (much simpler than showing attachments) example of pretty much just a 2 column table with tons of empty margin space on a 1080p screen, but yet displaying the public URI chops off part of right-hand column. I've taken almost the full screen screen-capture to show what I mean. And this is just one example. But I have many different types of 2 column tables for tracking projects and if I share a public link (to share status with a co-worker), my notes are always cut-off on the right. And this particular note was meant to show with Evernote note window on left or right half of screen (I like to work with 2 apps each on their own half of screen). So the content is not wide at all. Yet putting the public link into browser (plenty of real-estate on either side of the columns) it will always chop off that right side. I'm just trying to figure out how I'd fix. Is this a funky EverNote bug?
  5. I'm trying to convince colleagues to use Evernote, but when I share a note that they can see via their browsers, it always cuts off on the right. It looks fine in my note and the note is not even a half-screen wide (I always write notes with Note window open on left or right half of screen). And it's not web-browser tab size either. I share a note that is not even half screen wide, and when attempting to display the Shareable link on a full screen browser, it still cuts off text along the right-side even though there are tons of white space on the left and right side of browser page. Is there a way to make sharing Notes look better? Nobody I work with wants to use Evernote because it does not share well (nobody wants to show content that gets cut-off on right)? I'm a long time Paid Evernote user and getting ready to toss it out the window and move to OneNote (free). This seems so simple!!! lol Thank you, Doug
  6. Well, anytime there is text there may be a reason to do this. Admittedly this is an obvious feature for coding, but my request actually came up when I was not doing any coding, just editing a list.
  7. A useful feature on Evernote would be the ability to edit multiple lines at one time. For example maybe there is a list where all bullet points begin with the word Translate... You want to change the word Translate to Copy (for example). So you could use a key-combo (notepadd++, sublime text, and Microsoft Word use Alt-Shift), then drag mouse up the list. Either highlight that first word or just make the edit point be the first character in each row. Then you can press Delete key to delete the Translate, then type "Copy" and it appears on all rows selected at the same time. This is a hugely popular feature in text editors like Sublime Text, Notepadd++, jEdit, and even in Microsoft Word.
  8. Notepad++, Sublime Text, jEdit, even Microsoft Word can do it. Most of the apps it's Alt-Shift.
  9. Many text editors have a way to edit multiple lines at one time (often alt-shift then drag your mouse). Bascially, if I'm editing a bunch of nearly identical rows that have an extra space, can I highlight the 10th space in a row (column 10 if you will) and highlight 5 rows (of just column 10) and then delete the extra spaces in all rows at one time. This is huge feature in many text editors and it appears to not be part of Evernote. I'm hoping someone knows a key-combo that works.
  10. I think the original question was about Windows but the need is for sure universal. And if Evernote monitors these posts, all OS feedback is useful.
  11. From another thread on this topic: Posted by Justin Street *** Paste ***Hi there, This feature is in beta in our latest beta release: https://discussion.e...ndows-592-beta/ We'd love to know what you think. *** End Paste *** I had the Beta and needed to actually press many times before I could get it working, but it WORKS! btw, Beta of 5.9.3 is out now so if you allow Prereleases, this one behaves better (can quickly see a difference between 5.9.2 and 5.9.3)
  12. Holy *****, it's in the beta and yes it works. I had the Beta and each time I pressed the picture (expecting to see some type or resizing mark) I would never get it. But after clicking a few time (turning my head sideways and hopping on one leg) it finally showed small box on lower-right side of image that I could drag and resize! THANK YOU!!!
  13. Doesn't work in Windows either (Win 10, Evernote version OneNote (as much as I hate to say it) is way better if you are constantly pasting in pictures and need to resize. Sucks that Evernote focuses so much effort on iOS. I actually switched to OneNote and trying to go back to Evernote because of it's ability to integrate with other apps I use (Nozbe, Dropbox, Xmind). But this simple concept of not being able to resize an image is nuts. I left in the first place because Evernote messed up links (I use lots of links to move around to different notes in the desktop app). And also the support for bullet lists (especially checkbox) is horrilble when you attempt to edit your notes on an Android device. And I'm a Premium member - but finding it difficult to pay for what has become a horrible note taking App. I resist OneNote because I just don't want to commit anymore to that eco-system (MS). But it's all about productivity and right now, I'm spending more time just trying to do simple things with Evernote that I'm going to have to bite the bullet and kiss this app goodbye. Sucks, have been using for 4 years or so...
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