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  1. I am not having a problem syncing notes. I was trying to get the clipper for Gmail. The person I was dealing with said it wasn't possible and referred me to a site that discussed how to send e-mails to Evernote. I finally figured out how to get the Evernote clipper for Gmail.
  2. I agree with the statements I've read. It's almost impossible to find a contact for Customer Service. I did have one technician that spent hours with me trying to resolve an issue I had. Yesterday I contacted Evernote and got a response from someone that's not part of Technical Support. She kept referring me to articles none of which answered my question. I like Evernote a lot but getting ahold of Customer Service or Technical Support is almost impossible. There must be a way they can make it easier for their customers to contact them. I have the premium subscription too.
  3. windows My Evernote icon is gone

    My grey elephant is missing from my toolbar. How do I get it back. I'm using Microsoft windows.
  4. How do I get the Evernote web clipper on Chrome?

  5. Just tired the new version and I think it's awful! I can't find an edit button because I want to remove a table. Hope things improve. Perhaps I'm short on patience tonight.