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  1. Ronikay


    I'm no longer able to clip my Gmail messages. It was working fine and then all at once I wasn't able to clip the e-mail messages. The screen is blank and I get the message undefined. Has anybody else had this problem and what's the solution?
  2. Ronikay

    Spell Check (F7) Not Working

    I just tried this and no words come up.
  3. Ronikay

    Spell Check (F7) Not Working

    If I understand correctly the F7 key no longer works for spell check. It was nice because if it appeared as the word was spelled incorrectly that you could save the word. I do see the red lines under the word but then you have to look up the word to see if it's been typed correctly and change the word accordingly. Some things I save clip have very unusual spellings. It would take me forever to check all of the spellings to make sure that the word is correct. If the F7 spell check has been removed from Evernote's last update it's a big mistake!
  4. Ronikay

    Spell Check (F7) Not Working

    Evernote's help page says to go to edit and spell check is available there. However I do not find anything about spell check. Is spell check no longer available? This was a very good feature.
  5. Ronikay

    Spell Check (F7) Not Working

    I've reinstalled Evernote and my F7 key is not working for spell check. This is on my window's version.
  6. I am not having a problem syncing notes. I was trying to get the clipper for Gmail. The person I was dealing with said it wasn't possible and referred me to a site that discussed how to send e-mails to Evernote. I finally figured out how to get the Evernote clipper for Gmail.
  7. I agree with the statements I've read. It's almost impossible to find a contact for Customer Service. I did have one technician that spent hours with me trying to resolve an issue I had. Yesterday I contacted Evernote and got a response from someone that's not part of Technical Support. She kept referring me to articles none of which answered my question. I like Evernote a lot but getting ahold of Customer Service or Technical Support is almost impossible. There must be a way they can make it easier for their customers to contact them. I have the premium subscription too.
  8. Ronikay

    windows My Evernote icon is gone

    My grey elephant is missing from my toolbar. How do I get it back. I'm using Microsoft windows.