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  1. Agreed, more than bothersome to me. It highlights the app's lack of attention to detail.
  2. I agree that it's not a word processor. However, if there are options for formatting paragraphs, adding indents and making bulleted and numbered lists, they need to have the options needed for taking good notes that should be present within them. Since this example works across multiple platforms, I can illustrate the poorly implemented numbered lists function. Example: How to Bake a Cake Go to grocery store Buy ingredients: Butter Eggs Item 1, subitem 1 and so on. How does that equate to an end-user asking for too much? If anything, it exposes the product's omission of simple organization capabilities that should have been fixed by now…in an app meant to help those stay organized. Quick app history lesson: I remember when QuarkXPress thought they were the only tool on the block for graphic designers. We suggested new features, then we begged, then we pleaded, then we screamed. Then InDesign came out and we all ditched Quark. If a growing number of end users want Evernote to have features that are in a word processor behave the same way they do in a word processor, Evernote should listen.
  3. I just went to format text to a numbered list. Upon indenting a sub item under item 1, I expected to see "a" or "i". Instead I saw yet another "1"! Someone needs to rationalize to me how item 1, subitem 1 is going to make a note taking platform seem legit. For kicks, I'll try it here since I see formatting options to do so: How to make a pie. Go to the store Buy ingredients: Butter Eggs As I suspected, doesn't work here either. Details mean everything, especially simple ones that shouldn't be missing.
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