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  1. Ok, thank you @adambird I am willing to pay for it, so let us know.
  2. Hi @adambird quick question, the connection now with the calendar only works with my Personal notebooks, is there a way I can make the connector recognize my Business notes/notebooks as well? Thanks!
  3. Lo.

    HOWTO: Zoom

    I also quit evernote over this. It is unacceptable that they do not respond to the forum and that they keep updating their products without a simple feature like this one. Other tools do the job much better and work together with users. Evernote is a great idea, but they put simply too much attention to their marketing and too little to their functionality.
  4. Lo.

    HOWTO: Zoom

    Hi, I just want to support the petition. I want to pay for premium Evernote but first I want to see the full functionality of it and the full accessibility through all my devices. I am learning to use Evernote and I find it fascinating, but still very basic features are missing. The capacity of zooming in and out is very important, specially in Mac devices the pinch-in and pinch-out simplicity of trackpad and iOS makes our life much better and our eyes happier. It cannot be that the only solution is to change font size... then what do we do in iPad where we cannot manipulate the font? So I see two important things: 1. Zoom in all Evernote versions (Mac (desktop) and iOS (iPhone/iPad) 2. Font manipulation in iOS (it is really annoying not to be able to change color and size of headers, lists, footnotes for pictures, etc.) I use Evernote to take notes in class and many times I need colors to identify who said what during the conversations, bold and italics is not good enough... and of course with the ability to change size of letter we could work around the lack of Zoom. Thanks for working this out, its more than a year that the conversation started, when can we see some results?
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