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  1. I have an easy method, if you just want to move data from one Text Note into Excel.

    --Select the text

    -- Copy to clipboard

    -- Paste into Notepad (not Word -- Windows Notepad) & save it.

    -- Copy the text again from Notepad (now that it's plain text)

    -- Paste into Excel -- It correctly puts the data from each line into a separate row in Excel.


    Whew. (Too bad Evernote doesn't make better choices available for export, like export to CSV.)

  2. Thank you DT Low for the picture. The word "vote" or "voting" or "vote here" or any words at all do not appear. It is absurd to think that a normal person, who does not live in this forum daily, would ever know that an unlabeled  number in a circle constitutes a voting system in which others can participate. I humbly suggest that this interface design needs work.

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  3. Jeff -- My brother is a power-user of Evernote -- and a very intelligent and highly computer literate person . He went to this post, at my request FIVE times and could never find the voting buttons. Can you please send me a picture? Why are the buttons so obscure that no one can find them except the few people who are in these forums every day? In that case, the results of this "voting" are not representative of the actual broad user community.


  4. On 1/4/2018 at 10:43 PM, DTLow said:

    You've successfully posted the request, and users can indicate their support using the voting buttons in the top left corner of the discussion.

    Did you intend to restrict this request to the Android platform, or would you like it moved to the cross-platform Feature Request forum?

    edited: The discussion has been moved to the Feature Request Forum

    I have no idea what you're talking about. I have searched many times (and so have others) and we cannot find ANY "voting button in the top left corner of the discussion." Apparently, this does not exist -- or perhaps it's a feature only available to some people but not others? Again, this does not appear on my screen anywhere in the discussion.

  5. Thank you so much for the comment from Reece R. It is very helpful to know which other Apps have this most basic functionality. I agree that Evernote is the best in other regards -- and so it is utterly baffling as to why they omitted this function and why they are absolutely ignoring (apparently) requests from users. I agree that it would be good to know if they at least have this on a list to do someday. I find this to be so frustrating -- lack of basic expected functionality, lack of communication from/to Evernote. I fear that nothing on this User Forum ever actually reaches anyone in charge of development at Evernote. Why is that? And if they do read this forum (which I doubt) why won't they communicate here and let us know.

    Obviously, whenever anyone takes the time to log onto this forum and post a request, you can be sure that there are many many other users who want the same thing -- but most people will never write it here.

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