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  1. I have the latest version of EN, and whenever I open or even just select certain notes that have been created by the Chrome clipper, the CPU, Memory, and Power Usage immediately jumps. It never comes back down until I click into another note and close that note. Either one will leave it running down my battery and slowing down my computer with the uber-high cpu usage.

    I've copied the content of the note to a fresh note, and that note also exhibits the behavior.

    It doesn't happen with ALL clipped notes, but with most of them.

    I've attached the portion of the log that shows the errors. It shows 'failed to open' and 'unable to open' even though the notes DO open and look fine, although CPU immediately shoots up and power usage (in Task Manager) goes to Very High in just 2-5 seconds.

    Screenshot 2019-07-25 09.34.48 (2).png

    Evernote_6.19.2.8555_20190725 edited.log

  2. I guess I'll have to figure out the official support and submit the issues. My laptop just went 'red hot' because I failed to click into a text only note.

    It's not EVERY clipped page, but lots of them do it, and it's almost instantaneous. The task manager power use goes from low to very high over about 15 seconds!


  3. 17 hours ago, jefito said:

    I see no suspicious CPU spikes looking at the clipped versions of this page (I did the full article and the simplified article). Clicking on either of these gave a quick spike to 6-8% in one of the EvernoteSubprocess.exe's, after which it dropped back to negligible. Build is (308555) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)

    Thanks for trying it. I'll keep track and see if I see a pattern that can be replicated.

    I'm on the same build as you, btw.

  4. 18 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

    „It’s back ...“ leads to the question „what has changed ?“. In this thread was zero traffic since January and the release of 6.17. This does not speak for a continuing problem.

    Did you update the EN client, Windows, something else etc. ?

    I'm not sure what changed, when. The problem came back at least a week or two ago, but I couldn't figure out what the pattern was, and I didn't have time to look into it until yesterday.

    It's possible (seeing the pattern that's causing it for me) that my issue never truly went away, but that the notes I was selecting weren't ones to cause the issue.

  5. It's back.

    Every few days I find my fan running full blast. I check Task Manager and find Evernote Subprocess taking up 19-29% of my cpu.

    This morning I found that when I changed from my last selected note (created using Clip to Evernote) to a text only note I'd manually created that the CPU immediately drops, although 'power usage' remains high to very high for a little while.

    I've tested this with a variety of notes, both text only and Clip. Not all Clip notes do this, but several of them do. It doesn't matter if they are open in a separate window or just clicked on in the side preview, the cpu immediately goes way up. If I don't click away, it will stay high for hours.

    If you want to try to recreate this, the link below is the web page that I saved via the Clip to Evernote Chrome extension.


    I have to keep reminding myself to click to a text-only note when I'm done for now.

  6. 5 hours ago, pstock said:

    6.17 fixed the problem for me. (Win 10)


    On 1/12/2019 at 5:23 AM, Radiophile said:

    Thanks for the heads up on the new version, tauAlphaC. I installed just now. For me at least, the problem is gone! 

    Interesting that it doesn't list this issue in the release notes. 😕


    So far it seems better for me.

  7. On 12/15/2018 at 4:16 AM, Oart said:

    It seems it indeed has to do with displaying a note. When I checked my version ( (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897)) via Help>About and have that pop up open, CPU drops immediately. Close that pop up by clicking OK and have your note upfront again, CPU climbs again right away (for me up until 40% even).


    Also have run my laptop for hours just in the hope it would have to do something with indexing, but after hours of high CPU I think I can conclude that's not the cause.


    Now playing with displaying different notes, and indeed, displaying note containing e-mail text only also lowers CPU consumption.


    Mine just did it with the only note open being text only. There was some bold, but otherwise plain text pasted in from a plain text document. I ended up having to kill the process that was eating up ~30% cpu using Task Manager before the fan would slow.

  8. BTW, just clicking the X to quit doesn't kill the subprocess. You have to File>Exit. Even then, the fan doesn't seem to return to normal until you launch  EN again.   ...unless that's just a coincidence, but I waited 5 minutes for the fan to stop after closing EN and force ending the process via task manager. The fan kept roaring, but as soon as I launched EN again, it immediately slowed, then stopped.

    The EN Subprocess (32 bit) is nowhere to be seen yet since the relaunch.

  9. On 12/7/2018 at 12:27 PM, Bart Bregman said:

    I was at the edge of buying a new laptop.... ( hp spectre x360 1 year old..)

    now I found out Evernote is the big problem, it uses 33% of my CPU, while it is running in the background...

    It kills my laptop, makes it Super hot and the battery denigrates because of it...

    Is there already a solution...???


    Same! Same laptop even.

    I keep having to kill the EN subprocess to make it stop. Strangely, it says (32 bit) when this is a 64 bit system.

    If I kill the process and relaunch, it's fine for a while, but eventually, my laptop gets hot and the fan goes non-stop and full blast.



  10. 9 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    If you use the block code formatting, your comment doesn't get mixed in with the clipping

    Thanks, but most websites have some sort of header, and the block code box appears right in the middle of it, not before.

    If I could find a way to insert something BEFORE the first thing in the note, that would probably do it, but you're already positioned in the web page's html 

    Screenshot 2018-10-28 10.25.47.png

    Screenshot 2018-10-28 10.26.30.png

  11. I'd like to be able to add a simple comment or note to myself at the top of web pages I've added to EN via the Web Clipper.

    If I remember when clipping, I can add a comment, which appears before the clip of the web page, but I can't find an easy way for when I forget. I usually delete the note and do it again, but I'm hoping there's a better way.

    If this was a webpage editor I'd click the <> button which would show me the html/txt version, allowing me to insert some lines of plain text. Is there a way to do something like this with an EN Note?



  12. 2 hours ago, CalS said:

    Depending upon where you spend most of your time you can turn paragraph off in Word.

    I agree a paragraph option would be nice, though I’m not sure what would happen with EN’s editor as it reconciled the different ways paragraphs get defined.  Exercise for the programmer I suppose.  

    The paragraphs are there, EN just doesn't display them with an space between them. 

    If I copy/paste into Word I get the paragraphs I want UNLESS I've added a blank line between them in EN.

    In my mind, it stopped being a mere text editor when it got indents, bullets, bold, italic, etc. 

  13. 2 hours ago, DTLow said:

    You have the option to use mostly any word processing editor for features like line spacing.  
    The Evernote editor works well for basic notes; for word processing, Word/Pages are superior editors.

    I use a word processing app every day.

    The issue for ME is that I build my notes in Evernote over time, but when I want to take it to a word processing app, the paste into Word (or Wordpress) now has a blank line between every paragraph. I understand that I put the blank line there, but I did so because Evernote does not give me the option to display a larger line space between paragraphs, making it hard to read unless I hit 'enter' twice.

    For me, it's simply a display issue in Evernote. I don't need a word processor, but I want it not to hamper things once I transfer to an actual word processor.

    Even this very forum puts about a line space and a half between paragraphs. I don't have to hit enter twice to see when paragraphs change.

  14. I've been trying to use EN to compose the text of blog posts because it's easy to access anywhere and pickup right where I left off. However, when I finally paste it into my wordpress blog, I end up with a blank line between each paragraph.

    I understand that I am creating the blank line in EN, but there's really no way to see a paragraph change in EN without a blank line.

    It would be very helpful to have an option in EN to display a larger line spacing after each paragraph, to avoid the issue of manual line double spacing.

    Actually, here in the forum it's awesome. You can hit enter and see that you're in a new paragraph because it's spaced about 1.5 lines after each paragraph break/enter.

  15. What about an undo feature? I make one little typo and there's no way to recover.


    Also, I want to be able to cancel the save of the note if I change my mind on editing (or make a huge mistake). Currently, the only option is 'done,' which doesn't really cut it.


    Most apps have a 'cancel' button as a last ditch way to back out of changes.

  16. It's quite common to make a typing mistake and wish to undo what you've typed or deleted before closing a note. Is this feature coming soon? I understand it's in the Android and IOS versions of the app already.


    Also, it would be great to have a way to merely cancel as an option to clicking 'done' (you would lose all that you've done, of course). Is that a possibility? 


    It's very disturbing to look at a note I just mangled and realize there's nothing I can do to save it or revert back to how it was when I opened it. Virtually every other app, including Remember has the ability to cancel rather than save.

  17. Okay guys, you'll have  to fix the problem with the dektop access to my Evernote data.

    It seems that the Internet access works but I really do not like the interface, I'm used to the other form.


    In case you misunderstand the fix, you FIX it in IE, but you don't use IE and the web interface. That's just were your PC's setting is to take care of the security vulnerability. Once you set that setting, Close IE and go back to your desktop version.

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  18. If this is on by default, then that should be changed.


    With so many features in Tools on the desktop versions, why hide this in online preferences? Why would anyone go there? They would think all the preferences are in Tools on the Desktop UI.


    I'm sure some people would love auto tags, but not auto filing. I would, but I want to be able to find all emailed in notes in one place so I can sort them later.


    1. Change the default preference setting if it now defaults to 'checked.'


    2. Add the online preferences to the Tools section of the desktop version. At the very least, put a note in there with a link to the online preferences so people know there are other settings not showing up.


    3. Split the feature into two features; auto tag? auto file?


    Thank you for listening!


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