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  1. No problem, I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to read and reply.
  2. Thanks @csihilling! That was what I was *trying* to do. I did do the ENEX backups but didn't realize I had to select the "perserve tags" option. Fortunately, I DO have screnshots of the tags from earlier today, as I was doing some major re-structuring of my notebooks and tags and wanted to have a paper copy to work from to figure out the structure I was going to use. So I have the tag list but I have to remember what notes they belong to. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else!!
  3. I think you pretty much figured out the part that I failed to explain. Except in this case we're talking about renaming a tag that has been deleted. The key word being "trumps". You explained it well. Of course I could be wrong - because those are simply my observations. I'm sure a more tech-savvy forum member could explain it in more technical terms. I think this case could be really helpful to many people who come to the forums for recourse... so please do follow up here with anything you may discover... or any more problems encountered. Thanks for going into detail about this frustrating ordeal. YES! I think that's it. Once EN thinks it's deleted, or it IS deleted from one client, renaming it on another client is pointless because you can't rename something that doesn't exist. That's unfortunate. I thought by renaming the tags, EN would see that as new information but it doesn't. It just disregards it because as far as EN is concerned, it's gone, it doesn't exist.
  4. THANKS so much! Was able to revert to 5.5.2 and get rid of the awful, ugly version 6 UI. I look at gray and white flat blended MS Office apps with tiny text all day long on my work PC and then I come home and look at gray and white flat blended Mac apps with tiny text. Good thing we have fancy high-res retina screens! Do you happen to also have the instrutions and links for reverting to a previous version on the PC? I had the unfortunate experience of updating today only to lose all my tags across all platforms.
  5. Thank you again Frank. Yes, I had just updated the Windows client either today or yesterday. I thought I was doing the responsible thing by keeping the software up to date. It is indeed a serious bug. Please note I had been deleting tags and renaming tags prior to this after the update. Then, just randomly, I deleted one tag and all the rest of them disappeared and I had a white window where all the tags had been moments before. It's unfortunate that once EN deleted my tags that it was impossible for me to recover them despite all these measures I took on the other clients. I'm still unclear as to how EN decides what changes to tags get synced. I don't believe I made changes simultaneously, except in the first case. I don't understand why there would be a conflict at all. To me it seems that the newer information would replace the older information. But in the case that something is deleted I guess that trumps simply renaming a file because EN thinks it's already gone. I suppose I should have recreated my entire tagging struture with NEW tags that were not there already. Ah well - I guess a higher power is letting me know I don't need all those tags. I'll certainly take your advice and do a little at a time to make sure tags are working properly. And I'm going to try to find an older, more stable version of EN. I truly appreciate you taking the time to look at my case and explain to me the intricacies of EN syncing and logic!! Thank you!!
  6. Hi Frank, Thanks for your post. I must correct you though. The tag in question was NOT a parent tag. I had over 100 tags. This one was 2 levels in and had no subtags. After I deleted it, ALL of my other tags and sub-tags disappeared. There was a highly organized structure, and trust me, I know this was not a parent tag. I've been using tags for at least 6 months now. The other explanation does not make sense to me. What you're saying is that whenever I change something, the latest changes do not take effect? I don't understand what you mean by "Evernote still knows what those tags are no matter where you change them"? So, the latest changes are not applied? What changes ARE applied? This is what I did: Windows: Lost tags (did not sync) Went to Web. Changed tags. (Should be the newest information) Synced to Windows version. Lost tags on Web (server version) - replaced with older information from Windows client Went to Mac (still has tags in place) Made sure wi-fi is off Changed tags Added ALL tags to NEW NOTE in NEW NOTEBOOK Should have the latest information of everything Synced - lost tags. I'm at a loss as to why a change on my Windows machine would overwrite newer information on the web/server, and why a changes on my Mac client were overwritten by older information from the web client. I must have a massive misunderstanding of how syncing works with EN. And thanks for the tip on preserving tags option. I didn't even know there was an option like that and that it was off. Seems like it should be on by default. I will have to go find it now.
  7. Hello everyone, Just updated to the latest version today or yesterday. I'm on Windows 7. I have EN I'd like to revert to the older version because I've been dealing with this change and its consequences all day. First I was consolidating my notebooks and I guess I was clicking too quickly and accidentally deleted my notebook with all my notes in it. I'm fairly certain that I had selected the correct notebook (empty) and it somehow jumped to the wrong one - but as I was working quickly and can't be sure, I can't blame EN 100%. However, I'm not sure how I would have clicked on a different notebook other than the one I was working on at the time unless my screen moved or something. Anyway, I was able to go into my online account and move all the notes into a new notebook and save them. I also went into my Windows client before syncing and moved all the notes that had been deleted into another notebook but when I synced, those notes disappeared and only the ones I had moved in my online account were still there. So everything was fine (I guess - I sure hope I didn't lose anything). Then I was editing my numerous tags. I had over 100 tags and was in the process of simplifying them. I was doing so, working along, deleting unused ones, renaming, removing tags from certain notes... And then I right-clicked on one tag that had no notes associated with it, clicked delete, and *poof*! All my tags disappeared. ALL of them. I went to EN online and they were still there. Thank goodness. I renamed every single one of them. I added a 2 to the end of the names. A very cumbersome process. So that when I would sync with my desktop client, they would be changed online and would transfer to my local machine. So I went to my local machine and synced - and it seemed to take forever - and sort of hung - and then I closed it out because something was wrong. It should not take that long. Lo and behold, I went to EN online and my tags were all gone. All the ones I had spent an hour or so renaming. My last hope is my Mac EN. Earlier today after the notebook fiasco I exported all my notes from my Mac to export files. I'm going to try to rename my tags somehow on the Mac and see if they'll sync to the web EN. Otherwise I'll try to import the enex files to the Windows client. This is way too buggy for me. There is no way that right clicking on one tag and selecting delete should delete ALL my tags, and then a failed sync should push the changes to the web version (which was NEWER). Something is seriously wrong with this Windows client. And, no, I didn't start a support ticket. I'm a free user (and at this rate no plans to become a premium user because I can't trust the system) and last time I used their support system to report a bug I got the standard non-response. UPDATE 5 pm: I tried importing my exported enex files and the notes imported but not the tags. So I went to my Mac, made sure wi-fi was off, and renamed all my tags. I duplcated all of my notebooks, calling the duplicates "New XXX". Then I created a new note in my New Inbox, and applied ALL the tags to this new note. I then exported all my notes to a new enex file called "All my notes". Now I'm syncing and watching as my tags disappear. ALL my tags are gone. Now they have been wiped out of my Mac EN. I do not understand this. In fact, I don't even have a Tag section on the side anymore. Now I have to go and recreate all my tags again. I was wanting to use tags instead of notebooks but deleting one tag on one platform has totally oblitreated ALL my tags on ALL my platforms. That's unacceptable to me. I had come to rely on EN so much. I'm highly disappointed because I set aside this day to organize EN and all I have done is try to recover my data. Tags is broken, broken, broken. UPDATE 5:10 pm: Just tried importing my recent export of all my notes. Tags information was not saved. Although I did get a friendly reminder that all this syncing has eaten up my available bandwidth for this month and would I like to upgrade to Premium? Um, no thanks. Tags are completely gone for me. Have to start over from scratch. Good thing I only have 500 notes to go through.
  8. That's what I thought, but thankfully I was able to submit a ticket. (I'm not really asking for support per se, just reporting a bug.) I doubt they will reply directly to me, but I'm just hoping they get the message.
  9. Thanks for your reply. Sorry to clutter up the forums! I did a search before posting, but maybe I didn't use the right search terms. I'm new to EN and the forums, and at first I thought this was the only place I could submit bugs. I have submitted a support ticket - so now at least one person has reported it!
  10. *Edit: I didn't realize I could submit a support ticket as a free user. I have done so just now.* Hello there, I want to report some behavior that might be a bug. I just updated to EN (272632) Public yesterday. I have just started using EN religiously in the past week or so. I use it on my Windows machine at work (Dell running Windows 7), my iPhone, my iPad, and my MacBook at home. Today when I was tagging some notes on my Windows work machine, I noticed that I type some letters of the tag I want to use in the tag bar (list view), and a list of options appears. However, when I select one of those options, either by using the mouse pointer and clicking, or by keyboard navigation and pressing enter, it does not accept the tag that I selected. Instead, it creates a new tag using the few letters that I have typed. So, for example, I start typing "so" for "3-soon", and a bunch of options come up. I select "3-soon", and either highlight and click or select using the arrows and return, and all I get is a new tag called "so" that I have to go and delete. This behavior does NOT occur when I start out typing with the first letter/character of the tag - such as if I start typing "3". I am wondering why the list of options comes up at all if it will only accept tags that start with the "correct" letter/character. I thought these autocomplete suggestions were great, because I was having trouble remembering which number belongs to which timeframe, and remembering "soon", "later", etc is much easier than remembering the number I associated with it. I have other tags that I want ordered a specific way that have numbers and/or characters preceding them as well. But if EN only accepts autocomplete suggestion selections that match the tag starting letter, this is creating more work. It does not behave as expected. I would prefer if only those suggestions appeared that it would actually accept. I'm attaching a picture with a series of screenshots to show the behavior. What is not shown is the pointer, which did not capture for some reason. Trust me, I'm actually pointing and clicking or hitting enter when the choice is selected. Here's a link to the screenshot on dropbox in case it doesn't appear here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5456038/EN%20screenshot.png Thanks! Callista
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