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  1. My apologies if I came across as arrogant. That wasn't my intention. I fully agree with what I interpret as the gist of this thread, that there should be an easy way to export these contacts through an external file. I was referencing Outlook specifically, and noted that for me, that's the contact file on my iPhone. Anything added there is synced to Exchange and my other devices. Sometimes when I add a contact directly into my phone (at a conference or meeting) I mark them so I can easily grab them in Outlook back at the office in case I'd prefer them in a different contact file. They go into their own folder and I export that folder. I was just imagining I could do that with this application if there is indeed someway to flag them in the Evernote process. As I said, I've not used this feature since as a sole proprietor I'm on the Premium, not Business subscription. Unless I'm mistaken, that's not an option in Premium, so part of my reading of this thread is to help decide if this would be worth the added cost to upgrade. Sounds like maybe not. Again my apologies if my post came across differently.
  2. I've not experimented with this feature, and was reading here to learn more before I do. My phone contacts are synced to Outlook already, so getting it into my phone should get it to outlook. However, I do flag personal and business contacts in Outlook, and at times have then exported some business contacts from Outlook to another CRM (and deleted them from Outlook). I'm a sole proprietor, so some mixing of these contacts is not a problem for me. I'm wondering if there is some option to categorize or otherwise flag the contacts coming out of Evernote. That would give me the option of deciding how to handle them in Outlook, but all the data would be there. For those who are looking for a CSV option, passing it through Outlook would be pretty painless, I would think.
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