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  1. My apologies if I came across as arrogant. That wasn't my intention. I fully agree with what I interpret as the gist of this thread, that there should be an easy way to export these contacts through an external file. I was referencing Outlook specifically, and noted that for me, that's the contact file on my iPhone. Anything added there is synced to Exchange and my other devices. Sometimes when I add a contact directly into my phone (at a conference or meeting) I mark them so I can easily grab them in Outlook back at the office in case I'd prefer them in a different contact file. They go into
  2. I've not experimented with this feature, and was reading here to learn more before I do. My phone contacts are synced to Outlook already, so getting it into my phone should get it to outlook. However, I do flag personal and business contacts in Outlook, and at times have then exported some business contacts from Outlook to another CRM (and deleted them from Outlook). I'm a sole proprietor, so some mixing of these contacts is not a problem for me. I'm wondering if there is some option to categorize or otherwise flag the contacts coming out of Evernote. That would give me the option of decidin
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