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  1. I started with one note in 2003 until microsoft screwed it up and evernote took it over beautifully, importing all the notes and everything.... i have been premium user since 09....now what? my whole life (music business, dog kennel business, and IT business) depends on evernote. its my CRM, time tracking, project management, GTD, creativity notepad and lyrics sheet, and of course my shopping list. Once again, corporate takeovers ***** up my day to day life... This is drastic. Looks like going back to text files on the mac with the mac tagging system and icloud... or box.com... I should have developed my own data organizing system years ago... but the convenience of having it on iphone and ipad at all times kept me from doing that... thanks evernote... I will take a couple of days off and see what happens, and maybe I can thank you for a non paid two day vacation if you fix it... or I have a complete meltdown ... charge more per month if you have to, but don't do this.... WTF?
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