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  1. Hi fellow EN users, I have a very general question about handling multiple tags from a single context (i.e. .What, for example). Some background: Have used EN for several weeks; am making the transition to the GTD productivity system. My EN + TSW tag system is your textbook TSW template: .What .Active Projects Current Project A Current Project B .Inactive Projects On-hold Project A Email Gift Purchase Meeting Phone Call Read / Review Write-up .When !Daily 1-Now 2-Next ... etc .Where @Work @Home @Restaurant ... etc .Who Person A Person B ... Person X I modified TSW slightly by adding a 'Reference' context for exclusively tagging Cabinet notes only: -Reference #Fact #News #Outing #Receipt ... etc However, herein appears a subtle flaw (or maybe not): I find myself frequently tagging notes within multiple tags from a single context. For example: a single note may have 2, 3 different ".What" tags mapped to it. For instance: I have a note with .What tags "Current Project A" and "Email" mapped to it. Maybe I'm looking too-deep into TSW / GTD, but is this multiple-tagging from a single context frowned upon (from a convention perspective)? Or should I just "let it all go" and tag liberally (within reason, that is)? Thank you in advance, p.
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