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  1. Hello people, I am new to Evernote, and have recently started exploring the app on my android device. I am not too sure wha the reason is, but whenever i try to create a new note, the default "title" in the title bar sounds quite strange. It reads as follows: "Note from Osama Navaid Birthday @ Karachi, Sindh". Now I can change that, but what I don't get is who is Osama Navaid and why is he always in my default note title?! My name is Shoaib Alvi, the phone I am using this app on is registered in my name, heck this app is registered in my name too. I thought it could be due to some weird syncing problem with facebook, so I searched Osama Navaid on facebook and there were multiple results but none of them is even in my friend list. I dont get this, am I missing something here? I am using a premium account. I am also attaching a snapshot with the default title to help you guys better understand what the prob is..please help! Regards, Shoaib Alvi
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