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  1. I use Evernote on shared computers, with family and co-workers. I need to force a sign in whenever Evernote is started, otherwise I am exposing my private notes to anyone that can launch Evernote. This has always been possible for me until I just updated Evernote. There used to be a tick box on the Sign in form that said "Stay signed in". By leaving that tick box blank, you were forced to login each time you started Evernote. Now that tick box is gone. It would be nice to know why, but that is not my real question. I know you can click on the username and select Sign out xxx. But that is not what I want. If you shut down evernote by right-clicking in the system tray then Quit Evernote without first signing out, you can just restart the application and you are right back in, no sign in required. Also if you close the window with windows X button, the application is still running, visible in the system tray. You can forget it is even running, then shut down windows. After restart, again you can get straight in with no sign in. How can I force Sign in after each time Evernote is shutdown, without having to manually sign out first?
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