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  1. Hi, thanks for answering! I know about the 'X' to remove the tags, but a middle-click would be a little bit more convenient. Try for example to switch back to clicking the 'X's on browser tabs to close them once you're used to a middle click.Dragging indeed may be overkill :-)Thanks about the tip on shift-click, I did not know about that. However, this adds the tag to the current filter. What I want is to start a fresh search filter with the double-clicked tag, so that I can quickly see all the notes tagged with it. The list view is not necessary, just search for the tag.My other requests for Windows and Mac also still stand. Anyone suggestions?
  2. Hello to everyone, I rely heavily on a lot of tagging and changing of tags in my custom-made task-management system in Evernote. However, the navigation of tags and the existing methods to assign and remove tags to and from notes has some inconveniences in both Windows and Mac. A few requests are: WindowsI like how, in Evernote for Mac, tags are like characters in a text between which the cursor can move like between letters in a text, and removing tags is as simple as 'Backspace' or 'Delete'. The keyboard-only navigation for tags is a lot less intuitive and efficient in Evernote for WindowsMacBeing able to change tag names by right-clicking on them in the note window or in the tag list in the side bar. Now this is only possible in the complete tag-view, which is very inconvenient if you want to do a lot of quick tag reorganisationsBothRemove tags from a note by middle-clicking it, just like closing tabs in a browser.Remove tags by dragging them off the tag bar of the note window.Double-clicking a tag at the top of a note brings you right to list view of all notes with that tag.Would it be possible to add one or more of these features in a future release? Does anyone know ways to perform one of the above suggestions right now (maybe using external applications like AutoHotKey)? Kind regards, Daniel
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