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  1. I believe I have solved this. I can’t be certain every step is needed, but this is what I did – and an increasing Evernote startup delay went from minutes to literally sub-second. Windows 7 64 bit. Uninstall your local Evernote using normal the normal Windows 7 “Programs and Features” uninstall. In your user AppData folder (which is usually hidden, so you may need to change that in your folder controls), search and destroy any files owned by Evernote. Note that these may appear in at least two different sub-folders; be thorough. Note also, though, that other programs such as your browser(s) have data in AppData. If you care, don’t kill stuff related, for example, to your Google searches done to try to solve this problem! Use CCleaner to clean up (i.e., clobber) any registry references to Evernote. Remove any remaining Evernote desktop shortcuts – including Launchpad icons. Download the current Evernote install file and run it. Set up a new launchpad icon (optional). Start Evernote and sign in. Enjoy (assuming this all works).Note: I’m reasonably certain the root cause of the problem is that at least one Evernote update did only a partial job of switching all references to itself – and of cleaning up after the update itself. There was a load of stuff in the AppData folder(s) relating to previous Evernote versions. Final note: I have two Windows 7 systems with the same exact versions of Windows and of Evernote. One had this problem (solved as above). The other seems not to … yet. This might or might not relate to the fact that one system (the one that had the problem) is several year old, whereas the other was rebuilt from scratch (a completely new hard disk) within the last six months. So, it could be that Evernote’s installation routine failed to clean up a really old previous Evernote install at some point. That’s just an educated guess, though.
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