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  1. Yeah that's certainly not what I'm wanting, but once the security issues are fixed I hope to see this feature return! It would be a big time advertisement for the usefulness of Evernote and a huge help to marketers and writers. Seems API would accomplish what I'm looking for?
  2. I would love to be able to embed notes, if only in a 500x200 box where people could scroll through it. This would totally benefit Evernote, the user, and the viewer. I am thinking the ability to Clip articles, embed them into a site, and then write an article about that article would be perfect. Then, that site would get a backlink, some exposure, and the content on the User's site would be bolstered. What are some of the cons to this? Could it be abused? What are some more pros? Could or should this be implemented?
  3. Hey found this post through Google search for "evernote synchronization failure" because I was having it! So after my windows evernotet was having trouble synching, I googled it and after reading, I synched my evernote mobile and went back to windows version and it worked just fine. So if you're having issues with your windows version, go synch your other versions manually and go back to it and it may help. It 100% worked for me.
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