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  1. Sweet! Thank you! You have proven to me again that Evernote forums are the most helpful forums on the web (that I've found).
  2. I have a lot of data I'd like to plug into notes, so I'm considering going from Basic to Plus. Once loaded, I may want to go back to Basic. Does anyone know if there is any issue with going back to Basic once my need for Plus is done? THANK YOU!
  3. Perfect! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry for the delay - it wouldn't let me post another reply until today)
  4. So, if my friend imports them into her Evernote and then edits them, it will or won't affect my version of the saved notes? Also, do you know if she has to add the tags ahead of time or will it automatically load the tags when it loads the notes? Thank you!!!!
  5. Would it work to select the desired notes, export the .enex file and email it to them to import the file?
  6. I accidentally dragged a tag under another one and made it a subtag. See screenshot. It looks like: >Learning >Reading I want to move "Reading" back to be it's own tag, not "under" "Learning." Ex: >Learning >Reading Does anyone know if this can be done?
  7. I see that I can email notes to someone or I can share notes with others. However, I'd like to send notes to someone so they can load them into their own Evernote account and tag them as they wish. That way, I wouldn't have to give access to anyone else. Almost like sharing a contact card from mobile phone to another. Does anyone know if this is possible?
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