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  1. Agreed - I am also considering changing. I seem to be getting a different scenario to past is when iPAD goes to sleep the note is not kept. It goes back to the front screen and loses all the test. When i am in an appointment it just not possible to press done all the times it goes to sleep. this actually defeats the entire reason i have my subscription. If i cant get a solution to this i will definitely stop using evernote. In the past it used to go back to the handwriting section of the note - this now seems erratic?? Weird!
  2. As I noted - I prefer to write rather than type. This option would be only for those who also write and take live notes - not type in a word processor. I agree that there are many ways to do this in typed text but it is also not really necessary in that scenario.
  3. I use Evernote to take notes and keep a record of all my meetings by handwritten notes on ipad pro (and previously Samsung note) as I am an exhaustive note taker. One problem I have is easily navigating between pages of notes. Would it be possible to assign a live page number to each section of a note that would easily allow navigation between notes. It would be especially useful to be able to easily flip from Page 1 to the end of the notes as I often pre-prepare a front page summary of the things I want to cover during the meeting but find it difficult as things go during the meeting to flip back and forward to remind me of all the things happening. Thanks Brett
  4. When looking at imported pdf articles in evernote the only way to change pages seems to be to click the page change button. Is it possible to scroll to the next page?
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