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  1. ALL of my automations (Keyboard Maestro, AppleScript) work ONLY on the Mac, and are specifically for Outlook 2011 Mac. I doubt they would work with Outlook.com. So if you need a PC solution, my stuff would not be of any help. Neither KM nor AppleScript have a Windows version. But I will post my KM macro for Outlook 2011 Mac over the day or so -- I need to clean it up a bit, and provide some documentation. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Mac OS and iOS are my preferred platforms. I have an iMac at home that runs all day; which can run any Mac-based automations. I appreciate any recommendations and input. I don't have much experience with automations (i.e. Applescript, KM, Alfred, IFTTT, Zapier, et cetera) but I plan to learn to implement these soon. Just not sure where to start to learn. Thanks. tms
  2. Are you asking for a KM macro that will forward Outlook email to Evernote? If not, please clarify what workflow you are interested in. Perhaps if I describe my workflow issue, a solution with reveal itself. My email address is an old hotmail address. I usually access this through outlook.com. As opposed to seeing emails and forwarding them to my EN account, using Textexpander to add notebooks and tags - all "by hand"; I would like to drag and drop emails into folders within the web client. Ideally, these folders could be set up to send any message that has been dropped into that folder to EN. My "dream" would continue in such a way to add the appropriate tags and notebooks automatically. There are only a handful of workflows that would require this much detail. Finally, the message is then sent to the (email) archive folder. I am not opposed to using a mac email client but this would hinder my workflow at work, as we utilize PC. Thanks for any suggestions! tms
  3. I would be interested in details regarding this workflow. tms
  4. I am also having this problem on my OS X EN clients. iPad is accurate. iPhone is accurate. iMac version is not. Macbook Air is not.
  5. Is there a way to keep a new note added to EN from opening after using the Outlook 2010 plugin?
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