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  1. Hello all, sorry I got a bit confused reading this thread- when a "conflict" is detected, is there anyway to tell Evernote, to use the current version you are looking at and overwrite the other versions saved elsewhere? How this happens is i use PC Evernote to prepare for a meeting, and then I just use a tablet in the meeting to take notes, which I then sync back to the PC version and the process repeats. I sometimes tidy up the notes on the PC. Hence, sometimes when a sync has not occurred and the tidy up occurs, I guess there is a conflict. I want to be able to say "keep this version and override" others etc- is this possible? OR must I manually go in and delete the "conflict" written into the header/title etc? thanks!
  2. Hello, Is it possible to turn off the annoying notifications, to tell me "Sync completed" in the windows tray? I really dont need to know every 2 minutes when it syncs etc. I actually exit out of Evernote to stop this currently, is there a better way? Regards
  3. Many thanks guys, much appreciated! And it has worked retrospectively on my Windows 7 client. Am i right in thinking the point on the note at which the icon appears corresponds to the point at which it was "attached" in a time line sense relative to text above/below it?
  4. Hello All, I use Evernote for Windows 7 and I store a chronology of text but also add PDF reports as attachments. The problem is it loads up and shows the text of the PDFs in the note and this gets in the way, as when you wish to add text at the top of the note, the PDF image is displayed and in the way. For example, see attached screenshot. Is there any way to change this, so it does not load/preview the PDF attachments? But they are just there to be clicked on if I need them to download or open etc? Thanks for the help!
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