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  1. The workaround I have for this is multi step but it serves it's purpose. My example is reading my personal journal in presentation format at least one month at a time. I have a notebook named TempMerge. I highlight my journal entries for the month I want to read, right click on them and copy them to TempMerge. In TempMerge I have to change the titles so the dates all match. I started out with 020315, progressed to 02.03.15 and settled on 2015.02.03. If the titles aren't all in the same format the order of journal entries will be wrong. I select all notes and merge, rename the resulting note and copy it back to Personal Journal. What I end up with is a note in Personal Journal named 2015.02 Personal Journal which I can read in presentation mode. I haven't tried something more than a months worth of notes but I suspect the procedure would work for any number of notes. The challenge seems to be ordering the notes before the merge.
  2. I realize this thread is a bit old but I thought I would post my results. I was able to duplicate the 'paste on the wrong side' glitch that RightPaddock experienced in pasting a table from and outside source. My source was Open Office Calc but the results were the same. I solved the problem by creating a single row table in EN with the needed number of columns and then highlighting the cells before I pasted from Calc. When I paste in this fashion, inserting works correctly. Hope that helps (also hope it isn't a fluke)
  3. Thank you, MTL. I was able to re-size list view by hovering over the bottom left corner. FYI to those trying this - nothing happened in the bottom right corner and the double vertical arrow only appeared occasionally in the bottom left corner. Frustrating but problem solved!
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