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  1. Entirely agree - it's shameful that Evernote have entirely ignored this.
  2. Thank you for your response. I am a total newb in this area. Don't have a desktop mac but alternate between my windows desktop, my ipad and (very occasionally) my android phone when using Evernote. Have searched for script on this forum and EN help to little avail. Could you point me in the right direction?
  3. How and where do you vote? Recurring reminders are important to me. Mind you, so are a. altering the reminder date on multiple notes simultaneously and b. working out how to change the default time (hh:mm) for reminders - currently set at 8:00 as far as I can see but I would prefer 5:00 Point is if there is a voting mechanism I want to know how to participate and keep an eye on how the votes are all going.
  4. Great idea. Evernote - when is it coming?
  5. Hi Gazumped Done that - didn't work - as you thought And I put "mail" as you did and that brought nothing up. "mai" did as it's the start of an Irish colleague's name (I tag colleagues - most of them should be) But none of the many tags containing "mai" such as gmail or whatever. So, this remains an odd and annoying glitch. Which is buggering up my weekly routine. Have reported it to the powers to be at Evernote - who then responded that should ask on here All best Peter
  6. Hi Gazumped Thanks for quick response In the left panel - go to tags section - highlight the search magnifying glass icon - then type { and then the rest of what I was looking for by yyyymmdd or truncated with * to widen Sorry I wasn't clear - hope that's better? Thanks Peter
  7. Hi - I've an issue with tag search since upgrading. Previously when I entered a character into a tag search Windows EN (as web EN still does) would bring up all tags wherever the character appeared in the tag name. Now it only brings up tags where the character is at the start of the tag name. Matters to me because I use {yyyymmdd} at the end of a tag name as a date stamp on project task names using an eclectic version of GTD ATB (you'll know what that means if you're as sad as me) Thank you Peter
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