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  1. Wait what?? First +1 means yes exactly what he said. One has to retype the exact same thing to get a point across? Second I like chocolate ice cream because....and you should too. Thats the rationale in discussing whether light or dark theme is preferable. Its a waste of discussion space to lay out why you like chocolate or vanilla. Having said that yes I absolutely need and want a dark theme. Why is irrelevant. Sure I could explain but it doesnt matter. Its like telling a restaurant you should carry Coke, or chocolate ice cream. Why anyone likes Coke is 100% irrelevant. The primary question is how much demand is there and how difficult is it to implement. So please add me to the voices requesting a dark theme. Edit: Blows my mind. What should be in this thread : It is /is not possible. If so - this is how you do it. I love people but all the chatter going on and having to spend time wading through mass bickering about why dark is better or not better. Im not going to be persuaded nor is anyone else. We like what we like. Can Evernote do it? That is all.
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