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  1. I've been trying to switch numerous times, but I can't find a good alternative that is working on linux and android. ATM I'm checking out µpad, which is still a young bird in the nest and has only webaccess on android for now. Besides multi-level bulletlist, tags is an option I can't live without
  2. The problem would be a whole lot less of a problem if you could revert to a previous version of a note. This would also be a protection against accidental deletion/changes in a note (having multiple monitors, haven't we all made the mistake of typing in another window than the one we are looking at ?)
  3. I'm having the same Issue, created a not on my Android phone open the note in Chrome: flat list I had this in the past too
  4. Hi, when I make a structured list, it would be nice to be able to add some plain text and then continue (pick up) on the next sibling. I sometimes make mindmaps this way in evernote and when I copy/paste them in freeplane, at once it's a visual mindmap. So for example, in my structure below, where I insert a block of plain text at 2.2 in the structure I can't get it to continue at 2.3 (or 3) : 1. Contacten 1. Muzikanten 1. Santi 2. Camilo 3. Andrea 4. Cristian 5. AmadeusContacts 6. Paula Perez 1. 3102037444 2. Technici 1. Camilo 2. Amadeus 3. Artiesten 1. Paula Perez 2. Visie 1. Een samenwerkingsverband 2. VerschillenSome Plain Text breaks the Structure 1. New Line doesn't pick up on numbering 1. New Line doesn't pick up on numbering
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