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  1. Thank you so much Soctt, Metrodone and Unforgettable. Thanks also for the helpful suggestsions re the off-site backups of Crashplan or Backblaze. I also read the Time Machine threads which were also useful. In case others are trying to do this, and have not figured this out yet, I learned on another thread that on a Mac with 5.5.1 v. of Evernote, to delete a synch'd notebook (once you have done whatever you want to do with it, in my case make a Local version of it) you press Control while clicking on the Notebook, and the dropdown menu pops up listing Delete as an option (it looks lke its not an option from the Edit menu). This Forum is incredibly helpful.
  2. Got it - thank you. So then, re backing up my Local notebooks i intend to use my Time Machine (mac) system backing up to my back up drive. I looked on the Time Machine threads and couldn't find exactly this question: If i were to lose my computer, would i be able to restore my backed up Local Notebooks from my back up drive via Time Machine once i re download the Evernote app and logged in, just as i do with the rest of the programs/apps?
  3. Thanks Unforgettable you have lived up to your name and solved what was a huge problem for me. Can you just clarify, leaving one notebook as synched does what exactly - this allows the whole thing to continue to work, by keeping linked even with a 'dummy notebook' to the service even when i downgrade to Free? I can't thank you enough!
  4. Fantastic! I just did one and i see one can save all the notes from Synched Notebook A to new Local Notebook A. This will take some time but once done i will then have a fully Local set up, correct? Then, just to be sure, once i do this, if i then close my Premium account will it all apear just as is, on my computer?
  5. It would indeed be a perfect solution for me to change my Notebooks to local (yes it is true there is no limit on the number of Local notebooks), but once a Notebook is created according to what appears in the Box when one tries to do this from clicking the circle-gear icon on the Notebook, "You cannot change Notebook type ( from Synched to Local) once a noteboook has been created", or is there a way?
  6. I have been very happily using evernote premium for about a year but reached the dreaded 250 notebook max. As i am a business of 1 i don't need the Business bells and whistles as a way to continue to create more notebooks. Tags etc simply don't work for my purpose/mind. So what i want to do that would work very well for my needs if it is possible to do is this: Use Evernote only on my computer, saving through my Time Machine own system, not on Evernotes system, and then i wouldn't have a notebook limit. I can see how now i can create new notebooks as Local although i'm not sure i could do this if i weren't on my premium account? My question is this: Is there a way to save my current evernote notebooks/notes into a desktop system that is userfriendly and i can continue to use only locally? (even a way that is not userfriendly would also be helpful altho if it is not userfriendly i would probably switch over to something like onenote.) THANKS
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