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  1. Hmm, thanks. Honestly I'm baffled why this issue has not been addressed previously. Given that it seems people have been requesting it 2+ years, presumably it is not going to happen soon either. It's not even like I have vision problems - I'm 27 and have perfectly good sight. The text is genuinely bafflingly unreadably miniscule. Onenote here I come I guess?
  2. I've just installed Evernote desktop on my new windows 8 laptop, a 13 inch lenovo yoga 2 pro. Almost everything is miniscule, and I can't find any zoom function or way to change the text size (other than editing the notes to alter the font size, which isn't practical). A brief google suggests there is no such feature?! Grateful if anyone has any suggestions, but I'm really disappointed right now because I've been using Evernote for several years and this problem is making it absolutely totally unusable on my new laptop. I've tried the Evernote touch app for windows 8, which has limitations that I'm sure I don't need to enumerate here and additionally seems very unstable. I'm temporarily resorting to using the website to access my note collection, but that doesn't seem sustainable in the long term.
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