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  1. Apologies - I wasn't clear and as a result I think we may have been talking at cross purposes. I wasn't referring to 'other risks' to the notes themselves, but rather the more general notion that the more configuration changes are made to a PC the greater the risk of introducing some kind of issue at that level - e.g. with other software. Even the best uninstallers aren't perfect. I don't know how much of this concern may or may not apply to evernote in practice, but that's just it - I don't know. More to the point, it shouldn't be necessary (IMHO). I believe what we're talking about here is re-freshing/re-downloading the local database from the master in 'the cloud'? If the need for this is a possibility then shouldn't it be functionality of the software, not something that can only be achieved by a side-effect of dong something else? Uninstall/re-install has other effects than just refreshing the local database presumably? But this is all somewhat of an aside. I agree with jshanker: in this case there *is* a specific risk to the notes from removing and re-creating the local database, because we *don't know* where the correct master is for any individual note. I agree with him/her that there's no way of knowing without checking them all individually. Without establishing the cloud version is the correct master for every note, we can't confirm with certainty that deleting and re-creating the local database is actually the solution. To be honest, the only thing that would give me confidence at this stage would be evidence of evernote understanding how the zero-length notes got that way, and what the automated solution for reliably recovering from that situation was... hence wondering if there'd been any updates on the case you raised, jshanker? I'm also wondering if I should also add "confirmation that zero-length notes is the only kind of sync issue; other possibilities have been ruled out" to the wish list as well?
  2. Did you get a satisfactory resolution to your case, jshanker? I have exactly the same issue - and exactly the same concerns about it - as you. I'm hoping you got some joy from EN support. Keen to see a resolution that doesn't involve uninstall/reinstall every time something goes wrong as well too - this introduces other risks. Depressingly I spotted this issue had started occurring with my set-up while logging on in order to start making local backups
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