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  1.  When I highlight text and accept spelling suggestions, Evernote will change the entire line of text to another language that I can't read.  I have english set under tools/options/languages.  I don't recognize the language (Russian?  Roman? Greek?).  This is just one example, when I am editing bullets, in particular, Evernote will also randomly change the text for the entire line.  This happens all of the time and is making me think I need to go back to using MS One Note.  I've attached a screen shot (.jpg) of the problem. In the example, I highlighted a word that was spelled incorrectly (right click) and selected the appropriate spelling from the dropdown menu at which point Evernote changed the entire bullet I was editing to another language EXCEPT for the word I was trying to correct the spelling for.  In attached example "datapoints was the word that I highlighted (right mouse click) and then selected "data point" from the menu of spelling alternatives.  You can see what I had before and what I got after.


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