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  1. Thanks for this post. After making my first post, I went back though all the posts again and found your fix. Once I figured out how to do what you said, It worked !!! Being new to the forum I am not sure of the layout but if there is a section with " Help and Tips" your post should be put in there. Thanks again Cburg
  2. Hello Everyone! I joined this forum to get help with the same problem as you all appear to have. I have been using EN for 2 years on my phone. I decided to go premium after I install EN on my home and office windows machines. The install at work was very easy and the EN started, I logged in and there was "Evernote" from my phone. Great! BUT the install on my home computer did not go as well. and I get the same window as the first post stating that EN can not connect to the sever. I tried to uninstall and downloaded " EverNote,exe" and started again with the same result. I have to say I am disappointed in EN support. I understand that this is a user forum but there is real problem here that surely they know about and it is effecting a lot of us. I will open a support ticket and let you know what happens. I wonder how many sales they lose due this problem? Cburg
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