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  1. I deleted my evernote program, rebooted the Mac and then reinstalled the program. The problem persists. Strangely, when I first opened Evernote again the pdfs were appearing in the first document I looked at. Then I went to check it on other documents and they were not appearing. When I returned to the first document again they were gone on that one again as well. I'm open to any other ideas or suggestions.
  2. Whenever I add a PDF or Word file into a note (attach it) it shows the outline of the document but does not show the content. I have to click on the eye icon to see the content of the document while scrolling through the note. Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong or is this a glitch that needs to be updated. I have updated to the latest version of evernote for MAC. thanks. Note in the picture below there is no text within the document box.
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