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  1. I have been using EN for a number of years and have something like 500 notes but now I am trying, before it gets too late, to build more order. In looking at the discussions (many) about tags and tag hierarchy myself overwhelmed. Many of the discussions are so lengthy I can't find my way back. I noticed that for some reason I began to use colons in the creation of tags. I have a notebook called Health and a tag called Health:diet but I can't for the life of me remember why I did this or what the advantage was supposed to be. My disclaimer is that I haven't used search much, but now I am embarked on a book project. A component will feature anthropology and a part of the anthropological investigations will include "food customs" . What are the advantages to creating a Anthropology:food customs tag as opposed to separate tags, one for Anthropology and one for food customs and attaching both those tags to a note. I realize this may seem remedial but I would like to - again before it is too late - create more consistency.
  2. Nicely done. Thank you both. Makes sense. Greatly appreciated.
  3. When I first started using Evernote I immersed myself in tutorials. One, which dealt with tagging, advised a system that used double tags, one for the general, one the specific but both included in the tag name. Example, Recipe:cauliflower would be one tag. I cannot for the life of me figure out where I got this information (remember I had just started using Evernote and wasn't using its full potential) but it was very persuasive and so , does anyone know, or can steer me towards tag organization ideas? Thanks,
  4. I recently joined the community and run Evernote on Windows 8.1 and on my Imac (snow leopard). There are a variety of calendar apps in the Evernote app center and I am looking for one that would allow me to work in both Windows and OSX and that integrates with Google Calendar also. I want to be able to consolidate all my garden notes, when & where to purchase seeds, temperatures, results, harvest etc into a calendar format. Any recommendations? Has anyone tried to use Evernote for this? Best
  5. Just joined Evernote and like it, but when I am using my Mac (10.6) when I click on the icon in my Chrome browser, the menu appears for a second, but then vanishes and a window pops up with the name of the article, but it is asking me to take a screen shot. None of the other options like simple article are available and I I need them. Please advise.
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