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  1. I have been using EN for a number of years and have something like 500 notes but now I am trying, before it gets too late, to build more order. In looking at the discussions (many) about tags and tag hierarchy myself overwhelmed. Many of the discussions are so lengthy I can't find my way back. I noticed that for some reason I began to use colons in the creation of tags. I have a notebook called Health and a tag called Health:diet but I can't for the life of me remember why I did this or what the advantage was supposed to be. My disclaimer is that I haven't used search much, but now I am embarked on a book project. A component will feature anthropology and a part of the anthropological investigations will include "food customs" . What are the advantages to creating a Anthropology:food customs tag as opposed to separate tags, one for Anthropology and one for food customs and attaching both those tags to a note. I realize this may seem remedial but I would like to - again before it is too late - create more consistency.
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