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  1. +1 for selective notebook sync. Like others, I have work notebooks and personal notebooks it would be great not to have to sync everything to both user accounts on my laptop.
  2. +1 for me too. Although I don't print often on paper. I would frequently like to PDF notes to send to suppliers.
  3. Thanks Gents. I think the encrypted PDF is the answer, I'll have a play with that over the weekend. Christopher - that's a VERY detailed post! I like the idea of Devonthink but two places to store everything just wouldn't work for me. My brain can just about cope with Evernote!
  4. Hi, we're going on a trip soon - San Francisco & Portland from the UK since you ask! Every time we travel I come up against the best way to secure copies of our important travel documents - passport, credit cards etc. In the past I've scanned them and put them in Dropbox, on the basis if a disaster did happen and we lost everything I could go it an internet café and print copies. I just wonder if there's a way I can do this in Evernote - now my default for everything! I'm going to be taking my mini-iPad and I know I can encrypt text in Evernote, but not images. I'd be interested what others do. Do you put scans in Evernote and trust to the passcode to keep them safe? Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks.
  5. Thanks guys, it's still not quite what I had in mind. I think I'll carry on with my existing workflow for now.
  6. Hi cwb, thanks for the answer. At the moment I take a screen grab of google maps paste it in the note, then is can email to someone. I was hoping to get around all that extra work. It's ok if it's just one location, but if there's a few it gets a bit tedious.
  7. Hi, my first post so be kind to a newbie to the forum (although not to Evernote). I was out today scouting some locations for a possible photo shoot and it occurred to me instead of importing the images into my Mac and plotting the locations on a map, it would be far better if I could shoot the location with Evernote and embed a map of the location in the same note. I've search through the Apps but can't see anything that'll achieve that - does anyone have any suggestions for an App or another way of doing it? thanks Nigel ps excuse the picture - it was taken for a joke!
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