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  1. Hi, Has anyone run into this problem? I am using Microsoft Management Studio (version 2008 and 2014). As I copy my SQL statement from MSMS and paste to my Evernote, I notice Evernote randomly adds a space between periods and column names. For example, a statement below from MSMS Select t1.Column1, t1.Column2, t2.Column3, t2.Column4 From Table1 t1 Inner Join Table2 t2 On t1.Column1 = t2.Column1 Order By t1.Column2 Will be like this after I paste into Evernote note Select t1. Column1, t1 . Column2, t2 . Column3, t2 . Column4 From Table1 t1 Inner Join Table2 t2 On t1. Column1 = t2 . Column1 Order By t1. Column2 Is it a bug or is there some trick to fix this annoying issue? Thanks P.S. I'm using EverNote
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