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  1. We've seen that behavior before, but we haven't been able to reliably reproduce it.
  2. @tavorThank you for mentioning you still see this on the 6.7 GA. Our development team is continuing to investigate for a fix, but no ETA yet on when to expect it.
  3. Hi Ben, our development team is aware of this issue, and are investigating. In the meantime, a possible workaround is after the cut, delete the empty space, move up to the line where you want to paste and get the cursor in front of the checkbox, press enter to move the current line down, use the up arrow to move back up, and then paste. This should keep the double todos/checkboxes from appearing.
  4. Thank you for reporting this, our development team is aware of this and are investigating the issue. If you click on the options tab in one of the table cells and select "Match note width" does that help you print the full table?
  5. How do the notes appear on Evernote Web? Any different? How did you originally get the affected emails into Evernote? I'll reach out via a support ticket to request some screenshots and examples to get these to our development team.
  6. Thanks, I see exactly what you mention and have reported this to the development team.
  7. If you're referring to the font being pasted in two different sizes as you reported earlier, yes, we've been able to reproduce that and the devs are aware of it.
  8. Hi tavor, where are you copying from before the paste and match style into Evernote? What are you seeing on the paste that is unexpected compared to what you remember seeing on 6.5?
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