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  1. 7 minutes ago, luckman212 said:

    Can I ask quite simply- why were the copy/paste bugs not fixed before releasing again?

    The developers are on it, but it hasn't been fixed yet. It will be mentioned in the release notes when fixed.

  2. 7 minutes ago, GrammaKathleen said:

    @Gazumped, Fujitsu HAS updated their application. The ball is now in Evernote's court to pull the update into their own driver. Further, unless you are a premium (paid) user, you cannot raise a support ticket. It's impossible, I have tried (obviously I am not a premium user).

    Since the Fujitsu driver has been available for a month, I feel like Evernote should have been able to quickly do their own update by now. I'm thinking we've paid for these expensive scanners that are now not functioning properly. Is that worth suing a company over? I don't know. I'm thinking it's worth bad word-of-mouth advertising as far as I can spread it. So, so, so disappointed.

    Hi there, Fujitsu has updated drivers for certain scanners they manufacture, but they have not yet updated the drivers for the ScanSnap Evernote Edition Scanner. Fujitsu is the hardware manufacturer of this device and they have updated the drivers for each device after an OS update. We're in discussion with Fujitsu but do not have an estimate on when to expect these drivers to be available if you have already updated to macOS Mojave.

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  3. Hi there Nils, thank you for this report. Our development team is aware of this issue. I don't have an estimate on when to expect this to be fixed but please keep updating so you have the latest fixes when they are released.

    While not ideal, as a possible workaround in the meantime for the notes you need to print, try the web version of Evernote and the table borders should appear on print.

  4. On 1/13/2019 at 12:23 AM, MrBaggins said:

    Recently (probably sometime this or previous week, since I never noticed it before and I use Evernote a lot) copypaste on Mac has been broken: 

    When I create some note which contains empty lines, when I copy it and paste to any other application, I get empty lines deleted. This is very inconvenient and frustrating - if I use Evernote to compose texts that have paragraphs, copying it to any other place removes all paragraphs and I have to reformat whole text again. Has anybody else experienced this problem? Is there a fix/workaround to this? 

    Hi there, are you by chance copying content in and out of Evernote using text in a code block? I can reproduce something similar when dealing with text in code block, but not outside of it.

  5. Fujitsu, the manufacturer of the ScanSnap Evernote Edition Scanner is working on making the scanner's software and hardware drivers fully compatible and 64 bit. More information about 64-bit updates from Fujitsu can be found here: http://www.fujitsu.com/global/support/products/computing/peripheral/scanners/scansnap/faq/macos10134.html

    For this scanner's general compatibility and wi-fi compatibility with macOS 10.14 Mojave, please see the article on Fujitsu's website here: http://www.fujitsu.com/global/support/products/computing/peripheral/scanners/scansnap/faq/ssee-mojave.html

    Peripheral updates to any hardware device from 3rd parties like Fujitsu after Apple updates their operating system can take some time past the initial OS release. This is outside of Evernote's control as the drivers are developed by Fujitsu. It is recommended to keep an eye on the device manufacturer's compatibility page to wait until they confirm full compatibility with that OS before updating, to hopefully not encounter an OS update causing issues with your hardware in the future. 

    For the installation issues it sounds like you're encountering, please first check your Applications folder on your Mac to ensure the ScanSnap Manager Evernote Edition software is not already installed. We've heard some  similar reports of this. Past this, please ensure Evernote is also installed first before installing the ScanSnap Manager Evernote Edition software. I've followed up in your support ticket to further troubleshoot.

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  6. On 11/13/2018 at 9:50 AM, Don Dz said:

    Bug: pasting text via hotkey to an encrypted field works fine, attempting to do via the menu causes the text to be pasted outside the encrypted field.  I find this behavior is quite consistent.

    Thanks, I can reproduce this as you've shown it and have reported this to the development team.

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  7. 8 hours ago, gazumped said:

    Minor bug.  Using a bullet list which includes internal (green) note links.  If I add another bullet immediately after a note link,  the text continues green until I apply the default color.  If I add text after the link and then add the bullet,  the new text and the next line are correctly bulleted.


    • rambling, rambling, rambling Link
    • gets me green text next line
    • on the other hand Link is followed by the correct color
    • and the next line is OK


    Thanks for the report, our editor developers are investigating this.

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  8. Hi there, it sounds like in this case you may be looking to add additional table rows and columns to the note from your Android device, correct? If so, this issue resides more around the table in the saved template, rather than the template itself.

    As it happens, it is currently not a feature to add/remove table rows and columns on mobile devices. This would have to be done from a desktop computer. From a mobile device you can add text and content to a table in a note, but not alter the structure of the table itself.

    However, I absolutely see how this limits the usability of templates that contain tables you would like to use on mobile devices. I will relay this to our development team for further consideration.


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  9. 7 hours ago, xanadu said:

    6.15 GA and this issue is still not fixed.


     Come on guys, this issue started in 6.7 and should have been fixed by now. This is actually causing data loss as the editor deletes a space between domain names.


    Thanks for mentioning this. I can reproduce it as you describe and have filed a report with the development team.

  10. On 8/27/2018 at 7:30 PM, GrumpyMonkey said:

    I agree that all of the apps look good (I liked the old ones as well). I like the new logo (I liked the old one as well). I am not sure yet if I like the new catchphrase (the last one I liked was the original one from 2008). Overall, good job for the design team!

    But... I'm not a huge fan of trumpeting (yep, that's a sweet pun) their re-branding. A lot of us could have told you that this would fall on deaf ears (continuing the aural theme here) or irritated users -- Dave's initial post in this thread was pretty kindly written. Personally, I was just going to hold my tongue, but when I saw my notes had been ruined with the update (see below), I thought I'd weigh in here. A blog post from Evernote would have been more than sufficient, and I certainly didn't need to have my focus taken away from my work to learn that the Evernote logo now has a softened eye and a spirally trunk that is somehow connected with progress. Don't get me wrong, it's interesting, but it doesn't need to be pushed out to everyone as a big thing. 

    Unless it had come with some really amazing changes under the hood. But, it didn't, did it? It came with more bugs. Really, really bad ones as well. Windows and Mac?! How do you manage to ruin both platforms at once? I am not exaggerating when I say that I cannot use the new app on my Mac. It deletes line breaks. Why? I don't know. My notes are now a big clump of text. Where do you think my focus is now? It's on working with other apps at the moment. I'm not kidding. I'm a premium member with only a dozen notes in the app today, because I can't use it. All the branding in the world isn't going to help get my time back. From my perspective, this is data corruption or lost data, one of the most serious bugs out there, but when I come to the forums, I see we have a new logo. A lot of people have different bugs, friction points, and requests they'd like to see, so they're probably reacting in a similar manner. This was a mistake--another unforced error (this "focus" thing has been keyword in blog posts for a year or more, so I'm not sure what the big change actually is, or why it had to be done this month, but I guess I have to wait and see how that pans out going forward). So far, I'd say the branding isn't going so well.

    It's a shame, really, because the designers did a good job. 


    * Edit: For frustrated users, it appears to be (surprise, surprise) a list problem, and since I have a bunch of lists, I am seeing it a lot. Meh. It's just one more bug to deal with, and if not for the branding hoopla, I probably wouldn't have even bothered reporting it.

    Hi there, I just reached out via DM to look into the line break issue you've been encountering. You can also get in touch with support via https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action. Thanks!

  11. 2 hours ago, Chan said:


    Thank you for picking this up.  I'm sure we all appreciate it and I'm trying real hard not to sound like a total jerk, but this does not need a trade-study.  I see that the first post in this thread is almost 5 years old, and if I understand correctly, there are other related threads.  I think that reading the thread(s) should provide what you are looking for.

    thank you,


    I hear you. In addition to what we already have, I'm trying to gather different use cases in personal and shared contexts to try and help the product team prioritize this amongst other feature requests. I agree, this would be a nice feature to have. At this time there is no ETA, but we're still listening. Please do keep the feedback and different use-cases coming and I'll keep the product team up-to-date as we continue to reassess in the future.

  12. Thank you all for your continued votes and feedback. To gather more specifics, can you please provide real-world scenarios on how you work and where different highlighters would make an impactful difference helping your workflow? Personal and collaborative situations described would be very useful based on your experience.


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  13. 19 hours ago, Bzerkzzz said:

    Any idea if Markdown Support or Heading Styles are on the cards soon? Have been waiting a long time for this. Would it be a major release?

    No eta on either. Another forum user here made a great third party integration that helps with both though, https://evertool.app/

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