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  1. It sounds like you're using Firefox and right click > Evernote Web Clipper is grayed out for you, is that correct? Or is something else happening?

    A few questions to investigate this in more detail:

    • If you use the Clipper button in the Firefox add-on bar (the elephant icon) what happens?
    • What webpage(s) does this happen on for you? 

  2. Yes, Firefox and Safari (if you have a Mac) both don't use Chromium so they could also be good comparisons. However, Firefox currently uses Clipper 6 and not Clipper 7 (the latest version used in Chrome and Edge) but should still enable you to possibly keep Clipping if this can't be resolved on the Chromium side on your machine.

  3. Got it, thanks for these details. It may be worthwhile to get in touch with Chrome to look at other troubleshooting options if all the steps in https://windowsreport.com/chrome-could-not-move-extension-directory-into-profile/ didn't help. Evernote's extension should be loaded and unloaded like any other extension so there shouldn't be anything specific to the Web Clipper causing this. We haven't heard of other reports of this so it may be specific to your configuration/environment of your computer and Chromium apps. If you use any HTTPS anywhere extensions they may also be related so disabling them temporarily can help if you haven't already tried that.

  4. Hi all, thanks for reporting this and keeping up with it. Apologies for the inconvenience.

    The issue with the Clipper screenshot tool + annotation (only) where the right and bottom sides are blacked out after sending to Evernote should be fixed in the next clipper update (no eta on when to expect the release atm).

    While not ideal, a possible workaround in the meantime could be to take the screenshot with Clipper (without annotation), sync it to Evernote, and then annotate the image in Evernote itself (granted, this will not work if you only use the web browser version; image annotation requires a desktop or mobile Evernote app).

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  5. Hi @emkay, the Selection option should still work in the latest version of Chrome with the latest Clipper version 7.12.4.

    You first need to highlight your selection on the webpage itself and then invoke the Clipper, then the actual "Selection" clip option should appear.

    Here's what I see in Chrome:


    However, these are the same steps as they are for Firefox which you're showing works as expected - and worked for me too there, so it is strange you're seeing different behavior in each browser.

  6. @RichardI thanks for the update. What you're showing here seems like it may be a different auth issue. It looks like you're running clipper 7.12.2 and there's a fix for Chrome cookie settings in all Chrome 80+ versions (including Edge dev/beta builds running Chromium) coming soon in 7.12.4 if you keep checking for updates throughout this week as it becomes available. This should solve what you're seeing there in your dev build of Edge as I can reproduce the issue you mention there on Clipper 7.12.2 and 7.12.3 but not 7.12.4.

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  7. Thanks for reporting this, @bmoen, I see exactly what you mean in the current Evernote for Mac app. 

    As it happens, our editor engineers are hard at work developing a new editor that should be available later this year. I've already tested the issue you're reporting there, and have ensured that this problem is no longer occurring on the new editor that is currently in beta on our new version of Evernote Web if you'd like to give it a try there.

    I don't have an estimate for when to expect the new editor to be available on all other Evernote applications including Evernote for Mac where you're experiencing this issue, but please keep updating so you always have the latest fixes when they are released. The article linked above will also have more details about the new editor as they become available.

  8. On 10/3/2019 at 6:26 AM, Kissoh said:

    I just started evaluating Evernote basic. Wanted to get to know the software before subscribing. Not being able to highlight (turning the background pale yellow is not highliting, in my opinion) is one of those hard dealbreakers for me. It does not matter how a program excels in other areas if basic functionality is missing. That fact that the staff cannot even understand why highlighting could be a crucial function in note software boggles me. And the fact that this is not fixed after six years tells me to start evaluating other software. 

    @Kissoh Hi there, have you been able to try the Beta Editor on the new Evernote Web experience? This now has multiple highlighter colors. If you use Chrome or Safari in the lower right corner of the note editor you should see a "Beta Editor" badge to use this new feature. If you use Firefox on the new Evernote Web, you'll already be using the Beta Editor and should have access to this feature. No estimate on when to expect the Beta Editor to be available on other Evernote apps, but for the time being any highlighter color applied on the web will sync and display on all your other Evernote apps. Thank you for your patience and passion!

  9. Hi @Coffee First Thing, thanks for the screenshot. It seems like you may be using the older version of Evernote Web that does not have the Templates feature. To use Templates on the new version of Evernote Web, please try these steps:

    1. Click your profile photo in the lower left corner of the browser window.
    2. Select Switch to the new Evernote Web from the popup menu.

    Once you're on the new version of Evernote Web in Chrome, you should then see the Template button showing in the note body of a new note.

  10. Hi folks, this appears to be a recent issue identified by NordVPN. Please see their help center article for more information here: https://support.nordvpn.com/General-info/Features/1047407402/What-is-CyberSec.htm


    Note: we are currently experiencing some technical issues with CyberSec. If you are unable to load most websites with enabled CyberSec, please turn it off and check if the issue persists.

    Please check with NordVPN's support for more information on when this issue may be resolved on their end. Thanks!

  11. Hi @SAGAR4695, thanks for the updates. If you're seeing duplicate copies being made on the older (current) version of Evernote Web, that's usually an indicator there's something amiss with the network connection. If the connection drops or there are connectivity issues the current web app tries to save the current content by creating a new duplicate note with the changes.

    However, the new beta web app should be continuously syncing and not creating the duplicate note (or losing data, hopefully), but it's possible the network connection may also be related to what you're experiencing there.

    Do you possibly have another network to try and see if the same issue happens on either the current web or new beta web versions?

    While we continue investigating this, if possible, please download and install the free desktop application of Evernote - this has a local database and should not be as affected by possible connectivity issues.

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  12. Hi @Sallyshelty, thank you for reporting this. When you click on Notebooks or Tags in the left-hand sidebar, what do you see?

    What you're mentioning seems like it may be an issue our web application team is currently investigating. It appears to be affecting certain folks using Google Chrome, specifically. If you're on a Mac does Safari work for you? If you're on Windows the new web version currently only supports Chrome. If Chrome is the only browser you can use, does trying an incognito window yield different results for you?

  13. 1 hour ago, GTKZ said:

    I don't like and don't use the new version of Evernote. It takes too long to save each update ... cursor freezes while saving. Slows me down way too much. 

    When you mention it takes too long to save each update in the new version - can you please elaborate on when this happens? We're continually making updates to the new version and it should always be syncing/updating so you won't be seeing a green checkbox like you do in the old version because it isn't necessary.

    In the new version, does this happen in a new note, or only in longer notes like the one you're referring when working in the old web version? 

  14. @GTKZ it looks like those errors in your newest console screenshots are reporting from the older version of Evernote Web. If you try the same note on the newer version of Evernote Web again (it looks like you tried this earlier at Scott's request to limited success but may have encountered other issues with the new version) do you still receive a message about not being able to sync your updates?

    Once on the newer version of Evernote Web, please follow these steps if you continue to encounter the issue and please keep us posted.

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