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  1. jefito, your solution sounds like object-oriented CSS. You have to repeat the entire ancestral tag lineage on every single note. Could get tedious. Also, search results are returned in alphabetical tag order, are they not? So if you want any kind of ordering of the child content relative to the parent, you have to number the tags.
  2. It sounds crazy, right. How could a lowly note-taking system that doesn't have any spreadsheet capabilities replace Microsoft Office? But I think eventually EN, or at least, a different kind of organizational system could unseat Office someday. The more time goes on, and the more computing evolves, the more and more dumb Microsoft Office looks. Here's a few things I see that are really starting to add up. 1. The artificial segmentation of two applications (I'll focus solely on Word and Excel), one that handles paragraphs of text and one that handles columns of numbers doesn't make much sense any more. Isn't it all just content? It made sense when computers had limited memory, but now with the cloud, can't I just have one good app that does it all? Microsoft recognized this problem 20 years ago and tried to solve it with OLE, but OLE isn't cross-platform or mobile-friendly, and it doesn't make much sense in a cloud-based world. 2. Documents stored as separate files vs. in a database. If I have each document in a separate file, I can't easily use or link content from other files. Office has some cross-file referencing capabilities, but they're convoluted and don't work on mobile devices that don't have file systems. In a cloud-based world, storing collections of documents in a database makes more sense. 3. Static, fixed-sized content vs. dynamic, resizable content. Office is good at the former, but the future belongs to the latter. Thoughts?
  3. Hey Chris, Yeah, you're right. The web site is just a sign in page. I'll take your feedback to heart and post some more information on it. In the meantime, here are some videos that I recorded that explains the concepts and what my goals are. Thanks for looking at it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fllGH_3D76A&list=UUy1mv7YBUcG_ttlGjCijUkw http://youtu.be/cjkGj_TwL20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpMsSbJpHlE&list=UUy1mv7YBUcG_ttlGjCijUkw
  4. I'm working on an alternative system. If you'd like to be a beta tester visit http://lotsofjots.com. Click on the Create an account link and request an invitation code. Some of the things that make it unique from Evernote are: 1) Nested pages, 2) Reuse content on multiple pages, 3) Integrated drawing, 4) Integrated date-based journaling, 5) Split-pane viewing/editing.
  5. Oh, okay. Note links. Got it. I thought you meant there was some kind of "Insert Table of Contents" feature, similar to what you find in Microsoft Word. This just gives you a flat set of note links, unless you indent and format them yourself, right? It's not like a hierarchy or anything, not that Evernote would be able to do that since it doesn't have any information from which to build a hierarchical ToC. Except maybe scanning through the tags and auto-building a ToC from tags. But that would be weird. Tags are orthogonal to the content, so that wouldn't make much sense.
  6. How do I do Table of Contents? Is that a premium feature? I can't seem to find it.
  7. Great comments everyone. I think you're all spot-on with the comments. Yes, ordered subpages and integrated navigation between pages for the purpose of curating shared content is an important aspect of what I'm looking for. I see the logic of tagging vs. hierarchical navigation, but I find it isn't the best solution for organizing pages which are related to each other. I think manually creating the links from the upper pages down and vice versa would be quite cumbersome. This is my main dilemma. I'm looking for something that isn't quite a wiki and isn't quite a notebook, but is something that combines the best of both. I'd also like to be able to re-use content across pages, and place the same page in multiple places (notebooks). I'm thinking of writing my own system to do this because I can't find anything that does it. Atlassian Confluence is probably the closest, but it doesn't have all the functionality I'd like either. Thanks.
  8. I meant suppose I want to tag myBook with real tags such as "history", "19th century", and "us presidents". Since the myBook tag exists as a tag to shoehorn the tagging system into a navigation system, and since tags themselves can't have tags, then i don't see a way to do it.
  9. A tagging system makes sense if you think of the whole system as a collection of completely independent notes. You create a note, you add the tags, you search for tags to find what you want. But it doesn't make as much sense if you consider the notes to be related to each other. Suppose you're writing a book, and you've got one note per chapter, and the chapters themselves are further divided into a note per section. Now you want a note that collects up all the subnotes for the chapter, and a note that collects up all the chapters into a book, and the whole thing tied together with an integrated table of contents. To mimic this with tags you can create a tag called "My Book" with subtags "Chapter 1", "Chapter 2", etc, and you just use the tags as your navigator. It's not exactly the same as a neatly *integrated* table of contents within the book itself, but it sorta works. But now what happens if you want the book itself to have a tag? You can tag a note, but you can't tag a tag. Tags are also problematic in that they are always alphabetical, so if you want any kind of custom ordering, I guess you'd have to number them. I just don't think tags alone are good for organizing related material that is stored in separate notes.
  10. I need a way of organizing some documentation, mostly reference material, technical documentation, programming API's, etc. Would Evernote be good for that? What are the pros and cons of Evernote vs. a good wiki, let's say either MediaWiki or Confluence? Thanks.
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