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  1. Solved by changing to Microsoft Edge as default browser
  2. Hi Scott! Windows 10. Yes, clicking on links from Evernote notes. Mainly youtube links but also other links
  3. Test done by measuring sync time with Automatically sync, result is synced after 4 minutes, not really automatically then
  4. Hi DTLow aka SuperGuru! ? yes sorry for that, latest version of Evernote desktop app for Windows 10
  5. Hi all. I have selected Automatically sync in Options thinking this is faster than the 5 minutes sync and it is not working. I expected an immediate sync when I modify a note but did not happen.
  6. Hi all, Although I have the latest version of the Evernote app desktop and Chrome installed in my pc, when I click on an external link, it does not open the page in Chrome although I see the hand with the finger pointing on the link
  7. what is the syntax, if the feature exists, of an email wher I want to add the text to an existing note?
  8. Hi, I am the Notebook creator and have shared it with several people on an Edit basis. I wonder if one of them can create one new Note directly into that Notebook without going through my permission?
  9. How do I change the settings? I want to see the most recent change on top
  10. Sorry, Stephano, it may be different for you -- I'm running the beta. I should have said that. But at least the change is in the works, if it sticks. Running same version Jeff Please see attachment. Am I looking for the icons at the right place? FOUND IT!!!! EVERNOTE.doc
  11. Thanks Jeff, checked but unable to see the icon. Can you send me a screenshot? Have the last Evernote version for Windows installed
  12. Seen that column and List view options, tks SebR and gazumpedis there a similar option for entire shared Notebooks too?
  13. By filtering I meant if I can have a button that allows me to see all notes that I shared with someone because sometimes I do not remember which notes are shared and which ones are not
  14. I wonder if there is a way to filter shared notebooks
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